Rossanna – Social Ecology at Western Sydney University

I’m Rossanna and I’ve been around social ecology for some
time now, so I have a few degrees in social ecology. I think the important thing is that it’s a really nice place
to learn. You know, I think most masters,
social ecology masters students, are mature-age students
because they’re already working in the field and one of
the things I think, and certainly for me,
I came back to university as a mature age student. I felt really uncomfortable with
a lot of young people because they were smart and they could
do lots of things that I couldn’t do, and so I felt
really quite uncomfortable and perhaps foreign, for
a better word. But once I found out what social
ecology was all about, it made me feel a lot more
comfortable because I think I understood at that point that it
wasn’t about who you were, but what you brought in first
and foremost, and when you felt comfortable enough to come in
and social ecology is very down to earth and very relaxed, it allows for that engagement
to take place. And once you get there
and engage and feel comfortable, then you start to look at
the personal, you know, the social, the environmental
and the spiritual and from there it takes you any place.