Rose Rozmariak – Washburn University’s Criminal Justice Program

Hello my name is Rose Rozmariak. I am
the chief of investigations at the office and state fire marshal and i
graduated with the master’s program in criminal justice in 1999. I am actually originally from Michigan. and what got me interested in law
enforcement back in junior high our local police department in my
hometown actually started a police Explorer Post I actually joined the police explorer
post and really had a good time got to interact with the members of the police
department the different divisions and such and really was getting interested
what they were actually doing and so I decided that was the
career path I wanted to go down so when i graduated from high school that I went
on through college to pursue that career in my career at that point I was in a
line management position supervisory position and I really wanted to see my career go
farther and I thought even though i already had an undergraduate degree I
thought getting my masters would help with that promotional process in which
every agency or even within my own agency that I was with at the time and
washburn was just developing their master’s program at that time and
someone told me about it and I think it was close enough to where i was at that
I’d actually tipped check into it and thought maybe I’ll take one or two
classes to get a feel for the program to see if it’s something I wanted to do and at
that time I was only going to take one class but my advisors said no you can
handle two even though you’re working full time you can handle two classes so i did it, i
really enjoyed it and so I pursued that all the way through and really enjoyed
the program in the experience here at Washburn. Again it fulfilled what I
expected out of it I think it helped me get my administrative job at the State
Fire Marshal’s Office having that graduate degree because the graduate
degree was more on the administrative side and gave me some of those
administrative skills that i was going to need in that type of position as the
chief of Investigations I oversee the state for fire investigators throughout the
state of Kansas. So, i have to two field supervisors that I
supervise directly we have very many set facets of what we
do we do specialize in fire and explosive investigations and we’re
usually called in when assisting agency so we get called in by local
law enforcement of fire departments to help them out with their scenes. Again it
did full fill my needs in what I had hoped for and giving me those
administrative tools for administrative positions. So, if anyone is definitely
looking on into a supervisor role, an administrative role going on to that
masters it gives you those skills that you need hands on some of the things that you
don’t think about in criminal justice because most people think you’re going
to be arresting people on the street, but there’s a lot more behind the scene as
an administrator that you need to be able to handle as far as manpower
budgets and all that and it gave me those kind of tools that I needed