Rising | By Lisa Einstein | Let Girls Learn | Peace Corps Guinea

(Greetings in Pular) Anytime a person talks in such broad generalities I go to skeptic mode- now let me bring you to reality. If only I could think of female physicist examples… Here you go Mr. Scientist- I’m handing you your sample. Cuz I studied phuckin physics and I finished my degree. Not just in a high school but in university. In fact I swung through town to teach your girls -and oh your boys-for free. The President told me there’s a need here if you want though I can leave here. Mr. General here we go! In general – ain’t our beliefs that make
it so? Perhaps you mean no malice but it’s fallacy my bro The lass can kill the math class I’ve seen enough to know. Girls can’t do math and girls can’t do science. Care to share that with
the 17 with Nobel Prizes? Wait – it’s 16 – Marie Curie’s, like, “That first one was nice I think I’ll win
twice.” Or look at Sally Ride as she flied up into space, A bonafide bride progressin’ human race. I’ll put it in your language “la physique”
is feminine So take that back to your African brethren. Mr. General here we go! In general – ain’t our beliefs that make
it so? Marie Curie believed it with her radioactive glow. So many females living on the edge of what we know. Look Hustler, my brother, admit it, you got
perks. Cuz if your power is equal to the rate at
which you work, And oh first do the cookin’, and the cleanin’, and the shinin’. Where’s the time for work while she’s hanging your laundry line? Seriously, time-If she’s assigned chores while you do your assignments, of course in time her mind’s gonna fall behind, it’s called a bias. Your point is undermined till your controls are well defined. Perhaps you’d like a lesson in experiment
design? My friend I must confess that I’m distressed by how you stress that sex would lessen any lessons that a teacher’s tryin’ to spread. Now don’t you think that your expressions might just get up in her head? Your assessments might suppress her from a gift that she possess? Take a guess. I’ll let you in on something not so secret Cuz in the US we got some issues that might hit you deeper. If you were taking math in an American classroom you’d be getting doubted like the girls in the class too Yep, cuz you’re black, too. It’s a load of crap too. So yah, I think your sister could kick ass
in my class too.