Recenzja książek Peggy Dean | Botanical Line Drawing i The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide #1

Hi it’s Dzowit here and you are watching Dzowit Designs Today we’ll be talking about Peggy Dean’s books Peggy Dean, an artist with a very popular Instagram page She also runs classes on, and in 2017 she published four books. I have three of these books, and I’am going to show you all of them today I’m going to talk about them in two aspects, first is the content and the second one aesthetic The first book that Peggy published is the Ultimate Brush Lettering guide The book is about lettering with a use of a brush pens Brush pens allow us to get a very thin or thick lines, depending on how much pressure we used What about the content, inside we can find Examples of brush pens, basics and definition of brush lettering, what paper to use and not to use also templates for practicing and the visual structure of the word A different styles of alphabet that you can choose from or based on them create something new There are banners and simple excercises, basically everything that a person needs to start with brush lettering or calligraphy Peggy published all of her books as “Self publishing” with a use of Amazon Why am I telling you about this? Mainly because it had an impact on the quality and print of the books Unfortunately aesthetically this whole book is out of focus The words that were written on a computer also lack sharpness Which makes reading harder I don’t know if this is a printers fault or the files that were uploaded This is why I sent a message to Peggy with a question, asking about the impact that she had on the quality of the print and paper She replied, and you can read here In summary, Peggy is not happy about the quality same as me, but here is what I like about the book The cover is beautiful and I like the colors too, it has a “rubbery” touch The book is very soft because the paper is quite thin In conclusion it is readable, but for me it is a little bit tiring not because of the content that is rich in information but because of the quality of the print The second “child” of Peggy is this orange book, Botanical line draving It consists of two hounded illustrations of plants to redraw step by step I am not going to show you all of the pages because most of them are structured the same way, of course with a different illustrations On each page you can find one plant Presented in six steps We also have some space to draw your own I would not recommend, drawing here with brush pens because the paper is thin and the ink could spill to the next page So it is better to draw them on a separate sheet, here you could draw a sketch What I’m missing in this book is that we don’t know what we are drawing There is no plants names, we don’t know is the plant is made up or if it really exists. If you are not a botanist you can only guess Talking about appearance and quality it is the same paper and the same publisher Again lacks sharpness, but it is not as noticeable in this book as it was in the previous one because there is less text in this one The only thing I could point out is the logo at the side that looks stretched and doesn’t look attractive Peggy’s third book is a younger sister of the orange one, Botanical line drawing cactus and sicculent edition Very similar to the previous book, and here the logo looks corrected. What is different about this one is that there is one additional step for drawings which could help people that are just starting and had difficulties with the previous book Again you can see the different steps,space for drawing is also included and the paper is the same so I still don’t recommend drawing here unless its a very thin brush, you can test it at the back of the book But the most important thing that was added to the book are the names, Peggy listened to the crowd and added the names Each plant has its own lettering name. We also have a table of contents with page numbers We can find a specific plant if we need to draw it. Now the most important question, would I recommend them? If you are a person who cares about the contents of the books and not how well they are made and you want to learn something specific like brush lettering or drawings, then yes I would recomend. But if you are a picky person like me that care about the quality of the print and apperance then no, because they could drive you crazy. Yes, It is OCD.. For the second group of people I have good news, Peggy also wrote that in Autumn 2018 a real publisher will reprint these books, what does it mean for the books? It means that a group of people will work on these perls so that the looks and quality could catch up to the good level of the contents One can be said, Peggy did a great job and spend hours on them. It leaves me waiting for the Autumn to see what will the new books be like That’s all from my side Bye