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– Hey guys we made a Grey’s
Anatomy reaction video and you turned it into a hit. Now the next most highly requested
show was The Good Doctor. Another show that I haven’t watched. (smooth jazz music) (fast-paced classical music) Good hand washing technique. Could be a surgeon, I don’t know yet. Oh (glass shattering) Oh, Oh. – Help, Help.
– Adam. Oh my God. – Somebody call 911. – Well calling for help
is the right thing. That’s the first thing you want to do in these types of situations. – His jugular vein’s been cut. Does anyone have a clean cloth? – How does he know it’s
the jugular vein that’s… – I have a fresh one in my bag – Pretty impressive.
– That’s great. Putting pressure on a wound
like this is the first thing you need to do outside of
obviously calling for help. Anything you can do to stop the bleeding, put pressure on the side, is
important in order to help that person survive. – You’re killing him. – I’m saving his life he was bleeding out. – Now you have it in the wrong place. – I think I remember enough of Anatomy 101 to know where the jugular vein is. – You would be in the right
place if he were an adult. He’s not an adult. He is a boy. Which means you’re also
putting pressure on his trachea which means he’s not currently breathing. – I can’t really see where his hands are but it’s good advice. (dramatic music) (boy deeply inhales) – Don’t take it out. – Some glass.
– Don’t take it out. – He’ll be fine. – Yeah. – Who are you? – Hello, I’m doctor Shaun Murphy. I’m a surgical resident at San
Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital – Well hello doctor
Shaun. Nice to meet you. By the way just so you know if you have an object inserted into you. Object, I know that sounds kind of weird. If you get stabbed with a knife, some glass goes inside of you, if a nail goes inside of you. Never pull it out. Make sure you call 911, let the paramedics decide what to do. Let them take you to the nearest hospital. Because a lot of times
what that object is doing is preventing you from bleeding out ’cause it’s putting pressure on the spot where the artery or vein was cut. – A special meeting of
the board of directors as much as I love you all. Questioning one of my hiring decisions. Did you bother to look up
the definition of president while you were skimming the dictionary? – And you’re hiring him
to be a surgical resident. My department over my objections. – The bureaucracy that
you’re seeing here is real. There are board members,
there’s presidents, there’s employees, there’s trust funds. So these things exist, they
put a lot of pressure on doctors and presidents to
make certain decisions. – Yes he has autism but he
also has savant syndrome. Genius level skills in several areas. He as almost perfect recall,
he has spacial intelligence and he sees things and analyzes
things in ways that are just remarkable in ways that we
can’t even begin to understand. Those are assets. Undeniable assets for any
doctor, particularly a surgeon. – I’m not gonna lie I agree
with the president on that. As a surgeon, it’s more important
to have very good spacial ability, to be able to
have perfect recall, to understand the anatomy
perfectly than it probably is to explain the complexity
of a specific case and to be able to
communicate well with people. Most the time when you’re a surgeon your patient is not awake. With that being said, I think
it is still important for surgeons to be able to improve
their communication skills. To be able to talk to patients, help them understand the risks
and benefits of operations and make sure that they
don’t force patients to go under the knife
when they don’t have to. – You seen her? – No, now go away and turn off the light. – Sure. – Resident beef. Resident beef. (woman laughing) – They need you to um… – [Woman] (laughing) I heard. – And here I thought this was going to be an all medical show no
Grey’s Anatomy drama. At least where I practice medicine, there’s different on call
rooms for males and females. There are times where one
of their call rooms may be unavailable and you do have
to have a male and a female sleeping in a same room together. Usually it’s not a problem but
this is unprofessional folks. It’s gonna lead to drama. Lots of drama. – We don’t have a relationship. We have sex. – They have a sexual relationship. (fast-paced classical music) I wish I had vision like
that. That’s impressive. Venous distention is caused
by increased intrathoracic pressure inside the chest cavity. He’s basically saying the
veins in the arms are swollen. So he thinks there’s some
extra pressure going on inside the chest cavity. It can be because of Cardiac Tamponade. Which means that there’s blood usually in a traumatic sense like this
inside the paracardial tissue which is the lining of the heart. And there could be blood in
there and it makes the heart unable to beat properly. – The veins in the boy’s
left arm are popping. – Is that bad? – I don’t see. – Intrathoracic pressure. – Now if his chest is
rising he’s breathing. – The chest is moving paradoxically. – Paradoxical chest
movement is a consequence of something known as flail chest. If you get a trauma where
a section of your ribs break from the rest of the ribs. That part of the ribcage doesn’t
move normally when you take deep breath in and deep breath out. So the chest sort of moves paradoxically. That’s what he’s talking about. What happens during a
pneumothorax one of the lungs collapses or sometimes
both of the lungs collapse. And you can’t oxygenate that
area meaning that when you breathe no oxygen goes to that area. It causes increased pressure. The life saving treatment
for this is to literally insert a needle in order to
release some of that pressure. – Who here has a sharp knife? – (excitedly) Oh. A blade 5 inches or longer. Nobody? – Is he going to go into
the second or fourth intercostal space? – You can’t be back here. – Oh I need a knife. – (laughing) He’s going to TSA. – A knife. Sure. Anything else? – I do also need a narrow six foot tube and high proof alcohol and
gloves and baggage handling tape but I’m going to get the alcohol
from the Duty Free store. And the tube from the
back of the soda machine. – He’s gonna put a chest tube
for a traumatic pneumothorax. Look’s like he’s going to a
party with all that Jim Beam. He reminds me of Zac Efron a little bit. I know it’s a weird thought
to have in the middle of this medical emergency but I don’t know. I always found that blowing into the glove thing really obnoxious. How much bacteria do
you have in your mouth? Probably even more than your fingers. Your blowing inside of the
glove but your getting some of that bacteria on the outside
of the glove that you want clean, or relatively clean,
when your gonna go insert a chest tube into a young boy. He’s gonna clean his
hands with the Jim Beam but that’s not perfect. – The incision should
take place two ribs down. – Second intercostal space. My man. (dramatic classical music) He’s actually following proper technique ’cause you want to stay
in the mid-axil area line. Meaning in the middle of your armpit. That way you have a lower
probability of hitting the heart when you go in with the scalpel, or whatever your going in with. – Okay well, why the bottle? – The air will continue to leak and accumulate until the damage
can be properly repaired. The tube allows the air to get out. The water in the bottle stops
the air from coming back in. – A homemade one way valve. (boy deeply gasps) He’s breathing. (woman happily cries) You saved his life. He saved his life. (crowd applauds) – A tension pneumothorax, you can literally put a needle
in that can release some air and that equilibrium does enough of a job. He didn’t need all of this
fancy technology here. – We need to get to San Jose
St. Bonaventure Hospital. – That’s where we’re going. – Good. – What are the classic signs
that someone has autism, or may have autism, is they
don’t make great eye contact. They’re not great at
picking up social ques. If you find out that your
child has autism you can start them in these early
intervention programs where they teach them how to mimic
some of these social ques. Where they’re not looking to
make eye contact with you. Like we do normally because we have good physical recognition and
body language recognition but they do so because
they’re trained to do so. To make conversation seem more normal. Early intervention has showed
some very promising results for those with autism. – We’ll find another school. – No we won’t ’cause
nothing’s gonna change. They can’t handle him. I don’t blame them because obviously we
can’t handle him either. What the hell happened this time? What happened? – You’re hurting him. – What did you do? – Those who have autism
and grow up with pets actually have better
results moving forward in terms of communication, in
terms of interpersonability. So if your child does
have autism getting them a pet early on definitely
serves the benefit. – It changed. – The boy’s ECG changed. – It’s the same. 86 BPM. – No it used to be higher. – No it used to be 86. It’s still 86. – It used to come up to here. – That’s not the right way to do it. You have to be seated.
You have to have calipers. You have to be looking at the strip and comparing the little
boxes on the screen. Maybe this guy, he as super human powers, it’s possible but in reality
you need to be a lot more careful ’cause this isn’t just a game it’s peoples lives at risk. – Eight year old healthy
boy. Status post encounter with a shattered glass sign. Numerous lacerations. – Echo. – Get him set up with
trauma three with an EKG, full blood work and a pan scan. – So far, very accurate.
I’m very impressed. The way that the paramedic
told the history, very very accurate. – Adam needs an echocardiogram. – Behave yourself or you’ll
be removed from the building. – I don’t know what to make of this guy. I like him ’cause he’s super
human and knows everything but it’s just so unrealistic it’s crazy. (upbeat music) Is this the same security guard who knows everywhere he’s gonna go? Maybe this guy’s a savant too. (machine beeping) – Do an echo. – The boy’s wide open.
It’s gonna take awhile. – Good. That’ll give me time to figure out why the hell we’re doing an echo. Dr Brown, you’re with me. We’re gonna go find your weird guy. Keep him stable. – Surgeons just don’t go
and look for another doctor or someone else on the street
that wanted to give them a recommendation on how
to treat this patient. – I noticed that there
was a slight reduction in the intensity of the electrocardiogram. – Electrical flow. I noticed that too. The heart rate was the same
but the amplitude dropped. – Paracardial effusion. – Reduce cardiac output. – Would stress out the organs. – Causing them to shut down. – Yes. – Just to break that down. Pericardial effusion. Peri
means surrounding the heart. The tissues surrounding
the heart sometimes there’s fluid there and sometimes
that makes it difficult for that heart to beat and
you get cardiac tamponade. That’s what I was talking about earlier. – Again. Again. There. – Looks normal to me. – It’s not normal. – Four doctors are looking at a scan. They don’t believe there to be an issue. This guy comes in, sees
an issue with the scan that no one else sees
and now all of a sudden there starting to believe him that maybe it could be that. If your looking at the scan
it either is or it isn’t. I don’t know what they’re debating about the concavity that’s
open to interpretation. I’ve never seen a situation like this. – The YouTube clip already
has over 200,000 views. – That’s pretty good 200,000 views. The more I think about what
he did there in the airport the more I think it’s inappropriate. There is a good samaritan law that’s in place to help with basic emergencies. Pulling someone out of a
burning car and in the process you hurt their back trying to save them. But performing an
advanced medical procedure like putting in a chest tube, especially a makeshift
test tube like that. Man unless he saves the
boy and it’s 100% safe there’s gonna be malpractice and lawyers involved in that case. (slowly rising music) – The good doctor strikes again. – You saved that boy’s life. – Well good. His name is Adam. Traumatic pneumothorax. I’m hungry. – Shuan. Dr. Melendez’s team is going into surgery. I mean if you’re interested. – I mean how bout getting
him to sign all the paperwork and disclosures and HIPPA forms and making sure he has identification. Put your mask on. Put your mask on Shaun. – I saw a lot of surgeons
in medical school. You’re much better than them. I have a lot to learn from you. You’re very arrogant. – (laughing) Matter of fact. – You think that helps
you be a good surgeon? Does it hurt you as a person? Is it worth it? (slow dramatic music) – And there you have it first
episode of the Good Doctor. Things I definitely
enjoyed about the show. Number one it’s fairly medically accurate. The drama in the show is interesting. It kept my attention and I wanted to see more of what would happen. I really dig the fact that
it gave an inside look into how hard living with autism can be. You know you could have abusive family, you have bullying that’s happening. Dealing with autism is
a difficult situation and I appreciate that
the show highlights that. I will say however that
they almost make him look super human and that’s not realistic. So that’s definitely a con in my book. But I understand that
they need that factor to make the show work. There wasn’t that much
medical stuff to comment on. It was a lot about developing
him as a character. If you know a better episode where there were more medical situations
that I can comment on, let me know in the comments. If there’s another show
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