Pveview of 2019

hello everyone and welcome back to
Evernote yes buddy’s Channel I’m out for the dog and right now today we’re going
to start our Happy New Year celebration sort of with a look on to this year 2019
it’s gonna involve entertainment sports movies science and anniversaries I wish
I had a girlfriend get it anniversary marry well in the meantime
let’s get it started so starting with sports news now first off the Super Bowl
is being held on February 3rd and another news according to our research
the NFL playoffs have started the Kansas City Chiefs are in the game and the foul
the Atlanta Falcons chance of getting in the game is between 2.4 and 4% and I
have to give credit to the AJC for our research or American joke committee wait
was this whole was this whole thing a joke oh it wasn’t and now we’re going to
zoom over to my favorite a topic movies now a week to Disney’s legendary The
Lion King is going to be released July 19th this year and stand star wars
episode 9 which is not entitled yet jumps into theaters December 20th with
JJ with JJ Abrams the director of the force awakens
you know what’s dark your baseball I hate that moon returning as director the
long-awaited Toy Story 4 will come to theaters also in summer 2019 in an
unknown month and lastly the secret to the best movie of all time the lego
movie beans into theatres February 2019 that movies better than and the Barbie
hey or not Barbie I’m gonna kill you all oh oh no it’s general mayhem excuse me
folks I gotta run my apologies audiences I
barely escaped that general mayhem okay now want to intertwine mint what Oh
I mean now on to entertainment for the entertainment news Andrew Lloyd Webber’s
cats adaptation and Oh star I just Elba Taylor Swift Judi Dench and Ian McKellen
and Taylor Swift shall not pass and also a follow-up book to a brief history of
seven killings may will have the author of Merlin James as a follow-up book to
the book and lastly Samsung is launching its new
critically acclaimed Galaxy S and Note series and now note that it’s amazing
get it Oh moving on now on to anniversaries the time where n is very
mercy so okay first off this year is the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s
moon landing it’s also the seventh anniversary of the creation of NATO I
don’t know it was that old I was new the twentieth anniversary of the creation of
the euro night young uh this is ridiculous
and the 500th anniversary of the death of the Renaissance man and I are da
Vinci okay now on to who masaccio Sims is favorite topic science
science science science the first private spacecraft from SpaceX what a
cruise up to the International Space Station the first picture of a black
hole which I can’t escape even though I’m black heck from the events of
horizon scope and for our last piece of news for 2019 it C it looks like the
house will probably try to impeach President Donald Trump due to Morris
investigation wait I thought name was Robert mullet it’s more well guys and
folks this now concludes our 2019 preview who for this channel please like
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hope you guys have a happy new year I’m out with a dog signing out peace well
men well my minions cue the confetti there’s no confetti on rats