Professional Science Master’s in Medical Biotechnology

Hello! Let me tell you about our interdisciplinary
master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology. It is a professional science master’s degree
that will provide you with the knowledge of business principles, marketing, and entrepreneurship
that you can combine with your scientific expertise to help you become an interdisciplinary
professional. It is one of only a handful of these programs
in the field of biotechnology available to you in the United States today. The Professional Science Master’s degree
program combines traditional graduate-level science classes with professional skills components
specifically requested by prospective employers. It is a non-thesis, terminal degree that crosses
disciplinary boundaries. There is a growing demand for master’s-level
professionals and job opportunities are available for graduates of applied science programs. Our graduates will be perfectly positioned
to fill the high demand and the growing local, state-wide, and national need for scientists
with advanced training in biotechnology. Let me tell you that this innovative interdisciplinary
degree program is a perfect fit for those students who see themselves working in a collaborative
environment within a booming industry sector. As a classical professional science master’s,
our program includes a valuable capstone internship experience for which our students will be
paid. It is ideal for preparing graduates for professional
careers. In short, our Medical Biotechnology students
benefit from this fusion of science and business, since our program has more business than a
PhD and more science than an MBA.