Prof. Katerina Jordan (turfgrass management and horticultural nematology)

[music] My research program focuses
on two main areas and first is within turfgrass science.
So I conduct applied research to help managers on golf courses,
sod farms, athletic fields and lawn care, and I mainly do
integrated pest management. The idea is to try to help
turfgrass managers maximize the numerous benefits of turfgrass
stands while minimizing the negative environmental impact.
The second area of focus in my research program is looking
specifically at root pathogens, particularly plant parasitic
nematodes that affect a variety of crops throughout the world.
And root pathogens are extremely, extremely damaging to crops
and can reduce yields, but they’re very difficult to
manage without fumigates or pesticides, so I’m trying to
look into biological control and alternative practices
for these pathogens. My graduate students that have
graduated have a variety of jobs, some of them work in industry,
some of them work in academia and some of them work for
government, so there are a lot of options for a number of these
students that graduate in the field. [music]