Prof. François Tardif (herbicide resistance in weeds)

[music] My research is about
controlling weeds. So plants that invade,
you know, agricultural fields or
natural environments and it’s important
because it allows to optimize their
production and allows the public
to be safe against poisonous weeds. My relationship with weeds
is, I guess, complex. it’s sort of a love-hate
relationship. Weeds are plants that
people want to get rid of. As I studied them to
help them, you know, get rid of them. I developed some
kind of admiration. I’m impressed by
the way nature can, I guess, respond to human ways of
managing the environment. So I’ve worked in the past
with very resilient weeds like Yellow Nutsedge, which
is very hard to get rid of. Very impressive weeds
like Giant Hogweed which grows very tall,
which is poisonous. A weed like, Rigid Ryegrass, which
developed resistance to multiple herbicides,
so there is a range of these weeds that
all have their peculiarities, very specific, also
very interesting to study. [music]