Prof. Ali Navabi (wheat breeding and genetics)

[music] My research program is
a wheat breeding and genetics
research program. The research that we do
is in two components mainly. One component is
developing new varieties for producers in Ontario
and the other components of our research
is conducting genetic studies on
traits that are important for the growers.
Things like, uh, high-yield,
disease resistance, high-quality. Plant breeding is an
exciting profession. What I like about
plant breeding is when I can work my breeding
nurseries in the field and I can see all the
variation that exists within the material
that I’m working with. More exciting than
that is that I can use plant
breeding technologies to combine
desirable trades into a single variety
and that variety can benefit producers. Fusarium head blight
is an important disease for wheat growers
in Ontario and a graduate student in my
program is studying the genetics of resistance
to Fusarium head blight, and he’s trying to
develop new strategies for breeding programs
to be able to more efficiently select
for resistance against the disease. [music]