Principles of Weed Ecology and Management: Weed Warrior

Bruce Ackley: Hello, I’m Bruce Ackley and
welcome to H&CS 5422 – Weed Ecology. This semester we’re going to be talking about weed
ID and weed control along with a number of other awesome weed topics. So this semester
we’re going to be talking about, one for example… (fading into Weed Warrior Intro). Evil Witch:
I have come to destroy the croplands of Ohio. Weed Warrior: In the name of OSU Weed Science,
I’ve come to vanquish you! Weed most foul! Today is the day you perish at the hands of
a weed warrior! Evil Queen: Not today! Weed Warrior: Evil Witch, your pollen has no effect
on my awesome mechanical weed control! Now die, Witch! A weed is a plant out of place, and this plant
was out of place so it had to die… (fading back into real time) Bruce Ackley: Just look
at the stem…