Pokemon Talk #19: Sociology

B: Hi, I’m Bulbasaur. S: And I’m Squirtle! B: And this is Pokemon— *SMACK* B: SQUIRTLE WHAT THE LIVING F*** WAS THAT?! S: Sorry! I just found this and I couldn’t
resist smacking something with it. B: What even is that?! S: Says here it belongs to someone named FerroThor.
Odd. It’s cool that I can pick it up though. Doesn’t seem like many people could. B: What? Let me try. S: What’s wrong Bulbasaur? Are your arms
getting…THOR? Hahaha *SMACK* B: ANYWAYS! Today on Pokemon Talk we have
a very special guest! This guest was both the only new evolution introduced in the 6th
Generation and the inaugural fairy type Pokemon, leading to become a quick fan favorite. Everyone
please give a warm welcome to…Sylveon! *applause* B: This is so great. We’d never had a girl
on the show until episode 15, and now we have the second girl in the season! Sy: Actually I’m a guy. B: Oh. Well…sorry… Sy: It’s cool it happens all the time. S: Must be a result of the gender socialization
highly present in our society. B: Wow that was surprisingly knowledgeable
Squirtle. S: Of course. I have a master’s degree in
sociology after all. B: You do? S: Okay I lied. It’s in physics. I took
sociology for distribution. B: Moving on…so Sylveon, you’ve become
not only a very popular Pokemon and a sort of mascot for the fairy type, but you’ve
also become a prominent and prevalent battler in the competitive scene. What’s that like? Sy: Well it’s very— J: Hi everyone! It’s a pleasure to be here
on your show today! B: Jolteon?! What the hell are you doing here?! J: I’m entering onto your show and–oh was that not the cue? B: There’s no cue Jolteon!! You’re not
supposed to be here!! J: Well I know that but I just heard that
there was going to be another eeveelution on the show, so I had to come here to meet
him! B: What?! Guest information isn’t released
to the public before the show airs. How did you find out Sylveon was coming? J: Umbreon told me. U: I know all and see a— S: OH WHAT THE F*** B: Umbreon you’re here too?! *door noise* L: Ugh I finally found a parking spot. You’d
think a supermarket would have more than four parking spa…what the heck?! This isn’t
the Walrein-Mart! B: And of course Leafeon’s here too. S: You can drive? But you don’t have arms!
And what’s going on with your forehead leaf? It looks different… L: Oh I’m just trying a new style. It’s
called: “thread detached.” But anyways! Jolteon told me he needed me to drive us to
the supermarket to get some food. But it appears I’ve been misled… J: Sorry Leafeon. I just really needed to
get here fast, and you’re the only Pokemon in existence that can drive! B: Then who the hell is parked in our parking
spots? J: We’re sorry for bursting in guys, but
I had to ask Sylveon a very important question. Sylveon, would you like to join the eeveelution
brothers? Sy: The what? J: The eeveelution brothers! We’re a super
cool group and we’d love to have you. Sy: Well what do you do? J: Lots of things! Sy: Such as…? J: Occasionally we go on picnics. Sy: Right…so where are the other eeveelutions?
Like Vaporeon? Or Espeon? J: They won’t return my phone calls. Well,
Glaceon will. But he’s a douche. S: Oooh! Can I join the eeveelution brothers?! J: Um…well…no… S: What? Why not? J: Well Squirtle you’re not an eeveelution. S: What do you mean?! J: I mean you’re not an eeveelution. You
don’t evolve from Eevee. You don’t evolve from anything! You can’t be in the eeveelutions
brothers if you’re not an eeveelution! S: …I don’t follow. B: Squirtle come on! You’re not an eeveelution
so you can’t be in the eeveelution brothers! How do you have a master’s degree in physics
if you can’t understand this very simple concept! S: Well…okay I lied. I don’t have a master’s
degree in physics. I have a PhD in goodfam. B: What’s goodfam? S: Nothing much what’s good with you? HAH!
*high five* J: So what do you say Sylveon? Do you want
to join our group? Sy: I’m not sure… J: Oh come on man! There ain’t no I in team! Sy: But there is in aggregation. J: In what? Sy: And faction. And lineup. And unit. S: Has anyone ever told you you sound kinda
like Mufasa? *Sylveon looks at him* S: That’s meant as a compliment in the highest
degree. L: Sylveon, I know Jolteon and Umbreon can
be a little crazy sometimes, U: AAAAH! The floor tentacles are DROWNING
ME! L: Okay maybe more than a little bit. But
we really do have a lot of fun together, and it’d be nice to have a less crazy one to
balance it out. Plus if we have a party of four or more we get much better discounts
at Dave and Cloyster’s. Sy: Really? I love that place! All right,
I’m in. I’ll join you guys. J: Heck yeah!! Welcome to the team Sylveon. B: Well we’re glad everything worked out.
But would you mind doing us a favor and not busting into our studio in the middle of a
recording? J: Of course, Bulbasaur. Sorry about that. B: It’s all right. We’ll go ahead and
sign off for— J: Hi everyone! It’s a pleasure to be *SMACK*