[PMV RUS] Антропология

Human beings
fascinate me, being just
the way they are! Tell me, little
pony, can you push a cart
or drive a car? Lyre is my
instrument, but humans strum
their sweet guitar. It’s a
mystery, anthropology! Fingers, toes
and tiny noses, brownish hair
and tannish skin! Would it be too
much to ask to see the world
they’re living in? Everybody tells me that it’s
old and fake mythology… It’s a
mystery, anthropology! Aren’t you bored of
brushing your coat, styling your mane
with your hooves? I don’t mean to
butt in or gloat, but ancient
history proves… Humans don’t have
wings or magic. They don’t need it,
they don’t care! All they’ve got’s
imagination, new inventions
everywhere! Babies, children,
teens and elders, all alike have
clothes to wear. It’s so real
to me, anthropology! Albert Einstein,
Cleopatra, William Shakespeare,
Elton John, Michael Phelps,
Barack Obama… who’s to say that
they’re all gone? Maybe humans
like us too and dress like us
at Comic-Con? It’s so real
to me, anthropology! Yeah, they’ve had a
couple of fights, Nobody’s
perfect you see… Still I say
I’m born with the rights to study
whatever I please! I don’t need to
horse around now, I can stand
on two legs! I would trade my
magic powers for a pair of
new legs! Grab your camera,
come on, zoom in! ‘Cause you’re favorite
mare’s a human, me! That is who
I’ll be! Anthropology! Shh…