Paul Cobine: College of Sciences and Mathematics

I really never thought a lot about teaching
at all. I thought about learning how to do research
and then applying that research. But, I also knew that I was taught by people
who had that same sorta job. And so, there’s a somewhat of an inevitable,
naive course to say, I wanna be at a place where I can teach and a place where I can
do my research. And, in particular about Auburn, was the opportunity
to teach microbiology. One of the people I worked for when I was
a post-doc, when he found out I was gonna interview at Auburn, he said that he had a
roommate at Duke for four years that was an Auburn undergrad. And he said for four years all this guy told
me was how much he loved Auburn. And so he was like, you have to go there,
you have to go there to interview. You have to go there and see what this campus
is like, because the people who were there rave about how great it was. And so overall the students here are inspiring. They do more things than I would ever have
done as a student. I’ve sat in interviews for the Camp War Eagle
or COSAM Leaders, and they talk about time management and the effort they’re putting
into their classes and their out of class activities and their families and their friends,
and it makes you wanna work harder. It makes you wanna make it worth it for them,
’cause they’re putting in such a great effort to be here and to have a good experience that’s
four years long. And, it’s four years of your life that you’re
gonna look back on and you wanna remember it being a good time. You wanna remember that you learned something,
but you wanna remember that it was a good time as well. The main thing is to have a memory of the
class that you want to remember. And so that’s my main goal. Make it memorable,
make it informative, but make it inspiring too, to wanna get more information. My name’s Paul Cobine. I teach general micro and clinical microbiology,
and I’m the recipient of the Leischuck Award for Excellence in Teaching.