Painting With The Holbein Botanical Watercolor Palette

hey guys and welcome back so today I’m
going to be painting some more with the Holbein botanical watercolor palette
this was sent to me by my friend Otto Kanna
I will leave a link to her channel down in the description bar and I recommend
to go check her out if you haven’t done so already she sent this palette to me
with some samples in from Holbein it’s a palette that they put together a
selection they’ve called botanical watercolors I’ve done a swatching
initial force video I will leave that in the link up in the AI cards so go check
that out I will be doing a finished reviewing video of this palette very
soon but I just wanted to do some more painting with it to really go in depth I
did also paint with this palette on a live stream and you can also find that
somewhere on my channel so keeping Otto in mind I visited her
back in the summer on a vacation to Edinburgh and while there we took a trip
to the Royal Botanical Gardens and there were some really nice blue poppies err
and that’s inspired this painting today it’s a blue poppy I have left some
pictures to the finished one on my Instagram and there will be a patreon
post about this painting I’m going to do kind of a mere need series of paintings
like this with a Hawaiian and some watercolor brands I thought it would be
a good idea to paint some paintings just with that brand so specific brand of
watercolor paints it’ll be interesting to see how they all behaved when only
painting with one brand personally in my own studio part I used quite a lot of
mixed friends so I don’t get a chance to do this very often it also gives me a
more in-depth and real view of how the paint behaves I’m not going to really mention too much
on how the paint’s behave in this video I’m going to save that from the final
review however I was really happy with the way they glazed that’s one thing I
do like about the hot white paints is how well they do glaze the only paint
that I actually prefer to glaze with it’s the Nelly a so that’s good I was
really happy with how this painting turned out I did really enjoy painting
it and I was super pleased with it the colors I used were mostly
ultramarine blue for the flowers and bass I did have to darken it with some
fresh and blue and some pyrrol red as well to get the shadows the leaves were
a mixture of lemon yellow and cadmium yellow deep mystery of ultramarine I am
thinking as well about setting these little mini paintings over on my web
store a little bit of a cheaper price maybe sort of around 50 pounds or so 50
or 40 pounds something around that range as they are a little bit smaller
they are a4 size I don’t know what is of the top of my head in inches but it is a
good size for a good mini painting I will leave a link down below to where
you can find any of the materials used in this video from paper to brushes to
the whole by water campaigns themselves you I should also leave links down there for
the Holbein website and my other pages on social media so my patreon page my
coffee page my website page and also my Instagram so I would really appreciate
it if you could check some of those out and maybe support me on some of those
and if you’re enjoying this painting and video please leave a thumbs up in a
small comment it really does help you you I really enjoy doing paintings like this
it’s not a full bit painting so I feel less pressured to paint and get things
accurate so I can just relax and enjoy the painting process I painted this over
the course of about two weeks just sort of 15 minutes here in there so I didn’t
have to put a lot of time aside either to paint it I think sometimes when
painting bigger paintings get one can feel pressured it’s paint because you
need a set amount of time aside to focus and get it done if you make a big
mistake you can ruin a whole painting it’s quite
heartbreaking if you spent a lot of hours on a painting small ones like
there’s typically typically take product two to three hours to paint so it’s not
as bad as say losing five hours if you make a mistake on a larger painting I found using the Holbein watercolor
palette very interesting to use it’s more colors from Holbein but I can try
out an experiment with there were definitely a lot of colors in this set I
believe there were 24 so it’s quite a lot to play with here I didn’t use all
of them in this painting that’s quite a lot of colors I know this video is a little bit
different to my usual on the channel but it’s definitely something I’m looking at
doing more of I think it’d be helpful for me to get my art out there more and
as well it means I can spend more time painting currently I spend a lot of my
time making paint for example which is quite time-consuming or making YouTube
videos about other subjects more both are fun I feel that this year I’ve not
been painting as much as I wanted to this is definitely going to be a good
excuse for next year to really get into painting a lot more and really improve
my skills you my aim and my style about Tanaka
painting isn’t to go hyper-realistic it’s to go with an image that I find are
quite pleasing somewhere in between realism and illustration sort of style I
want it to be realistic enough that you can tell what that is what it is but at
the same time illustration enough that it looks fun and different and has a bit
of character to it I got quite a good feedback from the previous point
probably painting I did on my Instagram page it’s red and the finished image is
up on my website along with the patreon page and it got quite good feedback in
terms of the style of leaves having the white spacer for the veins and the
leaves being the colour around it and it’s be honest I do read like that style
as well so I think I’m going to go with it you you you so this painting is pretty much done I
will be doing a finished patreon paste on this painting so do check me out on
that if you don’t want to miss out on that
review video then please consider subscribing to my channel that way it
will ensure it will pop up in your subscription box so that you won’t miss
out on that so that’s just a final look at the whole buying palette it’s quite
generous so a big thank you again to OTO for sending it to me so I can try it out
I can’t wait to give a full finished review on it after working with it some
more so that’s it for today guys I hope you enjoyed it take care and bye bye