Ontario Phases Out Coal, First in North America to Do So

ontario has phased out it’s uh… call
fired power which means that they are no longer going to depend on call for
energy in fact they only had to cole uh… power plants left and they’ll be shedding those two down now the interesting thing is the
province all instills call plants so it’s not like a separate entity or
are a corporation that has political power you know that’s the problem we have here
in the united states uh… but basically they wanna focus
more on renewable energies now they’re going to focus on natural gas but
they’re also going to focus on wind and solar now this is a little bit irony here too uh… back an overall plan ontario
because of course of tar sands are in canada and that’s even worse uh… hand uh… but ontario’s going on the right direction
here and it’s interesting when an unfair pointed out is that probably the best
one which is in the u_s_ it was a primer on
corporation we’d never be able to answer they would just keep following money through our politicians
to keep it open forever so business fascinating phenomenon that if the
government owns it uh… it’s actually loop like less likely to be corrosive
too citizens that if their private
corporations that that’s not the case of everything you know sneakers gotta be
made by prep course and i don’t even think that that governorship don’t
necessarily legal power plays i think that’s an interesting conversation right
as to who should own utilities and energy back cos then and idea somewhere
in between it’s just refreshing to see at least
somewhere in the world where people x respond to the wishes of
their own sis you know i haven’t really given a
thought too why i would support um… call being a
private corporation but so far based on the information i
have a feeling the government should probably because if the government owns it and
you don’t have you know the corruption that you have here in the united states
then you start to care more about the environment and the impact that these
coal power plants are having i mean this is something that just came up out of
nowhere they realize that it cause more pollution including took they in fact
according to one institute the greenhouse gas emissions from ontario’s
electricity sector have fallen from four million times to ten million tons over
the past decade because of the coal plant closings that’s amazing that now that it depends to some of the state owns
something there’s more corruption right it depends on the country depends
on the circumstances cyst somebody’s gonna make money out of
it somehow and with the state being able to sign that there sometimes leads to
greater corruption right so it’s a mixed bag but at you know at the same time a lot of states own
their own uh… natural resources or oil call center the u_s_ is so taken over by
corporations that in some parts of the gulf even though it’s no poor old uh… of the united states of art of the
taxpayers private companies take the loyal and
give us a zero dollars they give us nothing that’s just fact as all of this except
they bribe the politicians so legallais hoof beats legalized bribery so they sell beer just keeping it to
take it for free whereas some other countries is they say
they love you couldn’t go profitable oil business here and you know we need to
help a prime some private corporations to the drilling etcetera will give you ten percent did they not do it to the company said
well when i do have per capita know that you are you know what possessed a liquid
relative quiet right and then the countries as well since the spartan
royal we’re going to keep ninety percent and that percentage changes break in
different countries for different reasons but in the u_s_ fits comical because in some parts of a country it’s
zero percent because our government doesn’t work for
us so you know when some people say the u_s_ is more corrupt than anywhere
else i wonder what that far but there is some
goodies to how much we have legalized corruption
in this country