Online Bachelor’s in Anthropology – Mica Glantz

I’m Dr. Micha Glantz. I’m chair of the
anthropology department at Colorado State University and it’s our department
that houses both our online and on-campus major. Anthropology is about us
as a species, it gets at every piece of who we are right? Our biology, our culture
the way we think, the way we speak and what it means, how we relate to one
another, what we make the tools we use… So we really are looking at humans through
an evolutionary lens, in the past and the present, to understand the structures of
our economic and social and cultural world. One of the great things about the
online program is it can draw on some of the research our professors on campus
are doing. I think a great example is the research that Dr. Kate Brown is
conducting. She just published a book called Standing in the Need, which
follows this family after they were drastically impacted by Katrina and the
trauma of losing the communities that they were living among, was a dramatic
consequence of that disaster that was long-lived. So what Dr. Brown was able to
understand was that this idea of comfort is not a luxury.Comfort through food and
family and community, is what keeps us well as humans. We deliver that kind of
content through our online classes. We get students to think practically about
how cultural anthropology can improve the human condition. One of the things
that makes us unique is that online students get access to the research of
their professors and use it in meaningful ways. We emphasize active engagement, not only through discussion, but actually through
specific activities that we get students involved in. But if I had to distill really
the critical quality, I think our students leave our major with, it’s this
idea of being flexible and adaptable to your circumstances and I hope and I
think it’s true that they take that understanding of what
means to be adaptable out into the world with them as individuals.