One to One – Goldsmiths Anthropology students and tutors in conversation

We started at the same time at Goldsmiths actually, which is interesting, so we’ve been here for three years. I think the first kind of course that we
did together was anthropological ideas. Do you remember? Your first year? I really enjoyed that course, it was like… Every week was… a different lecturer would come in and talk about their research and what they were doing. It was cool for me as well because I was
new in the department at the time, so I was also kind of starting to
know my colleagues, and getting to know them and getting a
feel for the department as well, so it was kind of like we were learning together in a way. I just remember coming to see you one time after we had done active network theory, and I was like ‘oh my god!’, my head
was just exploding with kind of confusion but also excitement and like,
what is this crazy thing you’re talking to us about? So I just wanted to talk about it further. I remember some of your work for my
courses was very very creative and very interesting and a good way of filtering
what you’ve learned in the course and creating something material, you know? One of my assumptions that was challenged when I started was I kind of had this idea which I think a lot people do, of anthropology being, you know, studying people far away, like these distant tribes and stuff, and
actually here it’s really making you just look around you, like the people
on your street where you live… I think we are… We encourage our students to kind of use the tools that we provide them to kind of make sense of the world around them, but also, you know, understanding that the discipline just gives you a particular way of looking at the world and understanding
like social relations, and that is something that travels with you, no
matter where you are. I don’t think I could be anywhere else
in a way, because of the kind of stuff that I do – it fits so well with Goldsmiths,
that I feel at home. I came to the open day here and just
basically fell in love with it, I just thought it seemed like a really
cool place, and especially the Anthropology department here is really
tight knit, so you really get to meet all of the lecturers, they get to
know who you are, you get to build up a really good relationship with them. Why did you choose Anthropology? I hate when people ask this…