Octavian Mitrea, PhD candidate, Mathematics, Western University

My name is Octavian Mitrea, I’m a PhD student
in Mathematics at Western. I was initially recommended by a friend of
mine, who is a mathematician, and also doing the research, I realize it’s a great place
to achieve my objectives. I’m studying various geometric objects in
the complex and dimensional space, more preciously, for those interested, its some kind of convexity,
binomial rational convexity of such objects with certain types of singularities. What allows me to be successful in this program
is, the environment which is prone to develop the mathematical skills and research skills,
but I have to say, the most important thing is my supervisor, and I think many students,
grad students here, will say the same thing, I mean I felt doing the past two years that
he guided me, mentored me in the most effective way, and also exposed me to knowledge and
also the community. The fact that you have access to develop yourself,
access to, as I said knowledge, the community, and also Western is affiliated to other universities
in Canada, field institutes in Toronto, which basically, enlarges the spectrum of knowledge
that a student is exposed to. Number one is make sure that mathematics is
what you want to do, you better love mathematics because once you’re accepted, and then once
you graduate, you’ll be doing a lot of hard work, doing hard work in a field that is not
100 percent attached to is even harder, other than that, focus on your objectives, stay
focused and absorb all the knowledge you can, be active, that includes TA, activities in
TA which I said before exposes the student to a great academic experience.