Newshub: Micronutrients Research New Zealand Study

A mix of vitamins and minerals could
replace Ritalin as the best option to treat children with ADHD. Medical trials
have proved so successful that parents are already forking out for the micro
nutrients. Emma Cropper reports. “He’s full with energy and one-by-one Xander Graham Steele takes five of these large pills three times a day to manage his
ADHD. “It actually really helps calm me down when I feel stressed out.” It’s all natural packed with vitamins and minerals you
can buy over-the-counter. A contrast to the Ritalin prescribed and which isn’t
working. “He would just cry all the time, he wasn’t eating, he wasn’t sleeping and it was just not very nice. It wasn’t a nice Xander.” The
thirteen-year-old was one of the first in the country to trial the new
treatment. “It took a while to come on, it wasn’t an on/off thing but once he was
actually into it I had a different boy. It was great.” The results of the University
of Canterbury based trial are gaining worldwide attention. The results that we found are really
positive and show that getting back to basics, getting away from the one magic
pill. Unlike Ritalin micronutrients aren’t funded by the government and parents
are paying to keep their children on it. This new data could help change that
and see it prescribed as an alternative. More recruits for a second and much
larger trial and needed. “It could actually be a game changer in terms of
where we go forward in terms of treating people with children with ADHD.” “I think that it should be used all around New Zealand, people like me should have a good life.” It’s already
proved a life-changer for this young teenager and his family. Emma Cropper, News Hub.