News from the Biogena Science Team: Our Omni Lactis® 10 research

The fact that we produce excellent products we always hear from doctors and from our customers. And the reason why the products are so popular is that they are developed with care and we carry out a lot of research with them. One example for this research is Omni Lactis® 10. We wanted to know exactly how Omni Lactis® 10 acts in our stomach and intestine and since we can’t have a look inside the body we looked for a simulator and we found one at ProDigest in Belgium. So we sent Omni Lactis® 10 to Belgium and carried out an extensive research program. What was done exactly and which results we obtained I will ask Peter, he was responsible for the research in Belgium. Welcome at the Airport of Brussels ladies and gentelman. Why do we need your lab, what is so special about it? The shime model it mimics the complete physiology of the human body and specifically the human gastrointestinal tract. And we can really control very well the food intake of the human individual, all the enzyme secretion, really all the different physiological things that are present in the human body and like that we can really focus on specific treatment. One of the main advantages is also that of course in humans it’s impossible to access the human body, you would have to do a surgery to know what’s happening at the inside of human body why with the shime model, the in vitro model, you can take samples at any time point of the day, really from all the different gastrointestinal regions that you’re interested in. Like that you can really know what is going on in the body and really understand how a product is changing human health or is changing your gut-microbiology. So some companies they develope products which only contain the live bacteria. And then when these bacteria enter the human body they might find themselves in an environment where there are no nutrients present on which they can grow and from which they can produce all this kind of beneficial metabolites. Therefore you can also develop products which do not only contain the bacteria themselves but also immediately the nutrients that they can use to provide all these health benefits for the human body. And then we are talking for example about prebiotic components like a inolin, fructooligosaccharides which you can dose together with the bacteria so that they’re immediately active and immediately have health benefits for the human body. So for Biogena we investigated a product containing of 10 potentially help beneficial microbes, containing also inulin in the same product. We found very strong microbial activity in the incubation so the ph decreased a lot. And when we looked to the exact metabolites that were being formed, there was a high production of acetate and lactate which are typically metabolites produced by probiotic bacteria. What can our customers expect now from this product? What we showed in the experiments that we performed for Biogena is that when you give the product to a simulated column region, that then the product is immediately very active and the bacteria present in the product they are immediately producing the metabolites and these are metabolites that can really shape the community in a healthy way. This journey to Belgium was a great success. Omni Lactis® 10 obtained excellent results in the research and Biogena got a big step closer to its company goal health and wellbeing for everybody. So with those excellent findings I return to Salzburg now.