NASA Science Live – An Update on the James Webb Space Telescope from the Cleanroom

So I’ve got my bunny suit on, which protects the space telescope from me, and any particles that may come off of me. So we are at Northrop Grumman’s Space Park in Redondo Beach and we are going to see the James Webb Space Telescope. So let’s go! Right now we are in a huge cleanroom, and like everyone else we’ve got on bunny suits. And this is NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. This telescope was envisioned shortly after Hubble’s launch to continue on the next phase of questions about our Universe. It’s going to look in the infrared spectrum of light and then seek the light of those really early forming galaxies, and then try to answer the questions about our Universe. And so what we’re witnessing right now is the two major halves of the telescope being put together. music What’s really exciting about what’s happening right now is that we’re in the final stages of construction. So above us you’ve got the optical portion of the telescope, which has just been integrated with the other bottom half the sunshield and the spacecraft bus, which is just below it. But let’s continue on! And coming around this side is the most spectacular view of this whole thing, because you can see there are these 18 gold mirrors. They are real gold. And the reason is because gold reflects infrared light the best. Webb is going to try to solve the mysteries of our solar system. It’s going to look to worlds around distant stars and then look at the mysterious structures and then try to explain the origins of our Universe. And no project like this can be done alone! So Webb is an international program. It’s led by NASA with its partners the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. music music