NAEP 2017 Mathematics and Reading Results: An Overview for Grades 4 & 8

VO: The reading and mathematics skills of
America’s children are the foundation for their success after high school, and in life. The National Center for Education Statistics
releases The Nation’s Report Card, which tells us what fourth- and eighth-graders know
and can do in these subjects, and how that has changed over time. In 2017, America’s eighth graders’ reading
scores were higher than they were two years ago, while fourth-graders’ reading scores
were essentially the same. As for mathematics, scores were unchanged
from two years ago for both fourth- and eighth-graders. When we look at how students performed on
this assessment nearly three decades ago, average scores are higher today for both fourth-
and eighth-graders in both subjects. In addition to average mathematics and reading
scores for the country, The Nation’s Report Card also reports scores for all 50 states,
the District of Columbia, Department of Defense schools, and more than two dozen urban districts
that volunteer to participate–and mathematics scores for Puerto Rico. Average scores for most states did not change
over the past two years for fourth- or eighth-graders in mathematics or reading. In Florida and Puerto Rico, fourth-graders’
average mathematics scores increased between 2015 and 2017. Florida and the Department of Defense schools
were the only states to improve in eighth-grade mathematics. Average mathematics scores declined for fourth-graders
in 10 states; average mathematics scores declined for eighth-graders in three states. Average fourth-grade reading scores did not
improve in any state over the past two years and declined in nine states over the same
period, while average reading scores for eighth-graders rose in 10 states and declined in one state. Though average scores for most of the volunteer
urban districts did not change over the most recent two-year period, average scores for
fourth-graders in San Diego increased in both subjects. And over the past decade, large-city schools
have improved more rapidly than the nation as a whole. Visit The Nation’s Report Card website at for complete results and to learn about how the new, digital NAEP
assessments provide us with a better understanding of what students know and can do. [NAEP logo]