“Mutant plants” workshop

A scientist might study a particular thing, like nature for instance, in order to discover new medicines… They look at what’s around them, think about it, and then they try to draw conclusions. We’re studying plants in class. So we went to the CRAG which is a research centre that studies plants. We did an experiment on mutant plants. And we helped out two scientists, Jaume and Soraya. The researchers are going to need our help, so we need to keep our eyes open and observe carefully what’s in front of us. Tomatoes! Have you lot seen a tomato plant before? (Yes!) Why do you think we’re working with these plants rather than, say, an oak tree? These are great hypotheses! We had to use the stereo microscopes to see which plants were and weren’t mutants. We studied them… we had to draw what we saw. The mutant plants hardly had any trichomes, very few, but the normal ones that weren’t mutants had normal leaves with trichomes It’s really cool doing new things it’s like you can tell yourself “I did something totally new!” I really liked it. I learned loads of new things. Yes, I really enjoyed it because I’ve loved plants since I was tiny and I think it’s the kind of work I want to do when I’m older.