Muddy Hike at Limpy Creek Botanical Loop | Southern Oregon

Like, that’s the trail. All that water. That trail is so muddy. Oh my gosh. (Music) Good morning. We are on our way to go on a walk today. It is feeling like spring this week. I think winter is officially over and while
the weather is nice, I wanna hit up all the little trails in the immediate area. Like, all the trails around Grants Pass and
just check ’em out. (Light music) We’re at Limpy Creek
Botanical Loop and the trail was not marked so we actually drove a bit passed it and we
had to turn around on a mountain, which wasn’t the easiest thing to do but then we came back
and found the trail. Luckily our GPS told us where it is, so we knew where to look. Otherwise
we probably would’ve passed it again. This is the trail head. Oh cool, a little bridge right from the start. So right now we’re having a hard time because
this trail is so wet. It’s like we’re following a creek. This is actually miserable ’cause Raya’s boots
are not waterproof and everytime I pick her up she pitches a fit. Woah, look at this. This looks so jungley and cool. Woah, there are no rails on this bridge. Raya, wait a minute. This is really pretty. Look Raya. Moss. Woah! (Raya babbles) It’s moss from a tree. See, I got it from up here. Moss. Raya loves throwing stuff in the water. (Merrick) Geez, it’s cold. It’s freezing? Alright, put your whole arm in it. Woaaaah!! (Blaine) Ah, that’s cold. Ow. Look at Raya back there. She loves walking. She can walk and walk and walk for so long. More than any toddler I have ever know and
I bet she’ll walk this whole trail by herself and it’s a little less than a mile. It’s like 0.9 miles, so it’s not very long
but for a 1 year old that’s pretty long. (Excitedly laughing) That’s just like a painted
rock you found? Cool. Raya wants to check it out. Found some snow? What is that? Oh. You can’t really see it. Snow… Uh! You ate it! (laughing) Gross. Another painted rock, look! This is our third species of rocks called
a smiley. This is a smiley rock? There’s like a little bench to sit up there
and admire the water. This trail is just really cool even though
it’s super muddy. I’m stepping off right here. Yea, good idea. Like, that’s the trail. All that water. That trail is so muddy. Now we’re on a little boardwalk and Raya found
water. She’s like, “What can I throw in it?” Oh, you missed. She’ll get it. And throw. There you go. Come on, let’s go. The boys have informed me there’s a lot of
mud and nowhere to step off to the side. Oh my gosh. Oh, yuck! So we just came out the same exact way that
we went in. So then, where does that way lead? That’s clearly a trail too. I thought that we would’ve gone in this way
and come out that way or vice versa, but we went in this way and came out that way, so
I don’t know. But we’ve made it to the end. That was actually a really fun, short, pretty, easy
little hike. It would’ve been better if it wasn’t so wet
and muddy. That was really the only downfall. I think the best time to come is probably
mid to late spring, but yea it was really nice and Raya’s found a picnic table to sit
at. We didn’t bring any food, Raya. Sorry. (Raya babbles curiously) Yea, we didn’t bring
any food with us. We gotta go home to eat. Come on, let’s go. She said “Mhm”. The boys are already in the car, they’re ready
to go I guess. Look how muddy! Oh! Here are my pants too. All muddy, all the way down. How did everyone like that trail? I liked it. On a scale of 1-10, what was that? 4. 4? What was it for you, Blaine? Like 5. I would probably rate it a 5 or 6 also. I liked it because it was really short, it
was easy. It was scenic. It was close to town. But it wasn’t breathtaking. Uh, maybe a 6. I’ll rate it a 6. (Merrick) The mud made it, like.. I would’ve chose it like a 6, but the mud
just.. Yea, the mud brought it down a couple points. We just hit up happy hour at Taco Bell and we all got slushies and Raya got her first slushy ever. Will you push the straw down in it for her,
boys? I got a diet Pepsi. I hope you enjoyed this video, like a hiking
type of video. I was thinking that we could go out and do
different trails every once in a while and then after we hike a bunch of trails I can
make compilation videos of the best trails and the best hikes. But I’m gonna go ahead and end this video
so I can get some stuff done. Thanks for watching. See ya. (Music)