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What do infection treatment and prevention have in common Biocence Medically Biocence has advanced our understanding of wound care by developing safe plant-based botanicals FDA-approved registry with regulatory regulations NDC #5998 Category 1 GRAS/E* antiseptics made in the USA Our proprietary formula can be used to eradicate infections while protecting healthy microbes in addition to treating wounds Biocence is also designed to prevent patients and healthcare professionals from hospital-acquired infections or HAI’s This breakthrough technology is safe to use on both animate and inanimate surfaces and is non alcohol based safe for children diabetics and the elderly Biocence has proven its efficacy in clinical studies multiple third party FDA certification BSL 2,3 & 4 laboratories and in the field of medical practice against harmful resistant bacteria viruses and fungi With a 0 to 30 second, 99.9% kill time without doing harm to healthy cells Making it microbial selective in its technology it safely eradicate the six antibiotic resistant threats most commonly found in hospitals and Because it is a multi-use OTC that does not require a prescription The hospital and patient will see the benefits of cost savings and above all the reduction of mortality rates of patients and healthcare professionals due to antimicrobial Resistance or AMR’s Visit to learn more and start eradicating infection today