Men And Women Are Different, And Feminists Should Get Over It

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. So, as I mentioned in my last
video, November 19 th was International Men’s Day; a day to
celebrate the achievements of men, and raise awareness for issues
that disproportionately affect them. Now, the reason I am bringing it
up again is because I noticed something very encouraging. International Men’s Day over the last couple
of years has been treated with at best, ridicule, and at worst,
outright malice and hostility. Feminists were very keen to depict it as a
stupid day designed to be anti-women, because why should
men have their own day when they are the nasty evil oppressor
class, etc etc. Also,
nobody seemed to know about it in previous years, whereas
everyone knows about International Women’s Day. However, this year the tone was very different. There was
significantly less hostility and spite coming from feminists, and also
there seemed to be more official recognition of the day. Twitter even
had a moment dedicated to the day, which is highly irregular
behaviour for the hyper left-wing juggernaut that is big tech. And the hashtag was full of positive comments
about men and masculinity; people all over the world were
thanking all the good blokes in their lives for the work they do
and the sacrifices they make. Still no Google doodle, but, hopefully soon! Now as someone who focusses very heavily on
modern feminist dogma and the anti-male narrative they spin,
I am thrilled by this change in tone. It’s much nicer for everyone, and proves
we are making some sort of progress in shifting the
public discussion. Very
cool! But be warned, there were definitely a few
feminists out there who tried to hijack the day, and use it as an
excuse to dunk on men and masculinity, but all under the guise of caring
about men It takes courage and character to hang on
to your humanity when the qualities society rewards in men and boys
boil down to being a bully and a dick. Choosing to question toxic masculinity-with
no road map, knowing that you won’t be rewarded
for it- is brave #InternationalMensDay Happy #InternationalMensDay to the small handful
of good men I’m lucky enough to know; who don’t bitch
about #InternationalWomensDay; understand the ways
patriarchy fucks us all; & reject the fallacy of conventional
masculinity in favour of kindness, compassion, & communication Happy International Men’s Day! Shout out to the men who are doing
their best to dismantle the patriarchy that oppresses them That’s quite a turnaround from Clementine’s
offering last year That’s quite a turnaround from Clementine’s
offering last year That’s quite
a turnaround from Clementine’s offering last year