Mathematics, Statistics and Analytics | RMIT University

(Background music) Ever found yourself trying to make sense of an infinitely complex world? A maths, stats or analytics degree might just give you the answers you’re looking for. If you want to communicate complex ideas simply, maths finds patterns and connections and can help to model systems, and develop theories and formulas to solve all sorts of problems. It has sent rockets into space and laid the foundation for the tallest buildings. But if you want to predict trends, not follow them, then statistics helps you use data to make conclusions and answer everyday questions like ‘What are the chances I’ll need an umbrella?’ and ‘Will my team win?’ Or if you fancy yourself as a forecaster, analytics can help you see preferences, and anticipate action. It’s how Google predicts what you’re searching for, and Facebook suggests who you might know. You’ll use your skills to help organisations navigate through a sea of big data to make better, informed decisions. Do the maths and you’ll discover a degree with all the answers. (Background music)