Mathematics research internship programme

We really got to explore a lot
of different types of maths and ways to research. Experience of networking
skills. You’ll have the motivation
to work harder and study harder. It really helped me when I went
to apply for jobs the year after. We are not all from the same
continent, not from the same country but we are able to work
together to achieve this goal. Six years ago we started
with MSc students and today we’re sixty
today things have changed. You know you’ve talked about
our project coming from Japan projects coming from Saudi
Arabia and project coming from China. I really want to learn some
computer technology. In this project we learn
R Programming, R Studio and I think
it is really useful in the future for my job. They have been learning models
that they didn’t know before and now they have
this capacity to be able to learn new concepts, new mathematical models
and to be able to apply and to be able to solve
that problem. You just need to direct them at
the beginning and then they can continue, they can find the papers
to read and they can develop some ideas to introduce
and I think that after today I realise they’re really
good at presentations as well. So we’ve learned how to set our
goals and meet these deadlines and the coding
is really applicable in almost any maths related jobs
because that’s where it’s all headed. They’d have to go away, they’ve had to do research
they’ve had to go into areas of possibly haven’t
been involved in at all in their previous coursework
they’ve had to investigate things, they’ve had to get data
from various government sources, insurance company sources
and really dig into the subject matter. It was very much them
putting their own effort into it and coming up
with material which you could see
was something they developed themselves. Teamwork and presenting are two
of the big things that you learn about and in my
day to day job every day I work with different teams
on different projects I present to companies and
those sort of presenting skills are really useful. I’ve found the facilities
modern it’s more advanced and found the location is very
great it’s just near the financial city centre so
you can see many business people around you. So I’m sure that if I contact
all these people I’ve met, new friends, new supervisors
and mentors I’m sure they would be able to
give me the right advice and maybe give me the
opportunity to… to give back to society.