Mathematics in a PLC at Work™ Summit Promo

Tim Kanold: “Teaching mathematics is a very
complex endeavor, and helping every child learn is an extremely complex process. I met
with some of my colleagues and said, ‘What would it look like if we could run this incredible
event for two-and-a-half days where mathematics teachers and teachers of mathematics, if we
could invite them to a national summit they could come to every year? What would that
look like? What would it be built upon?’ And so, we wanted to make sure it was built upon
the principles of a Professional Learning Community at Work™, but what is the work
mathematics teachers do inside of that work? It is an opportunity, I think, at a time of
the year where there’s a real benefit to coming together and collaborating with other people
across the country that are in job situations just like yours. There’s probably three reasons
to really attend. Mathematics learning should be fun for students; it should be engaging.
If you come to this event, I can guarantee you, you will walk away inspired for your
work. During these two-and-a-half days, you get this very comprehensive look at your entire
work that you do in mathematics in an ongoing basis, week-by-week, unit-by-unit, year-by-year.
I think it allows participants to decide and kind of choose from, ‘Okay, of all these things,
where does our focus need to be for the rest of this year, moving forward, and so on.’
The third reason to attend is because of our presentation team. It’s a set of national
thought leaders and we’re all there for the entire time. So, we’re there for the entire
two-and-a-half days, we present every single session, and we’re there during team time.
We’re fully available to all the attendees. We provide all these discussion tools, team
protocols, and opportunities to collaborate together around meaningful questions that
allow you to keep closing the gap.”