Mathematics At Work

>>Up next on ATETV. Looking for a technical career? Be ready to do the math. [ Silence ] From high-tech manufacturing
to IT to game design, every technical career relies
on a foundation of math skills. As you will see, all
kinds of technicians need to know the numbers in
order to do the job. [ Background dialogue ]>>Any technology is mathematics
— you need those skills.>>If you’re scared of math, just keep doing it
and go get help.>>But you really
need to pay attention to the basic skills in math.>>In our world, it’s of utmost
importance that they have math, because without that, they don’t
have the technical expertise that we require.>>We do a lot of math, a lot of
calculating, a lot of formulas in order to reach the
voltages that you need.>>It doesn’t matter
what industry you’re in, it’s important to at least
understand the fundamentals.>>You need to be able to
use advanced math skills. You’ve got to calculate power,
you’ve got to calculate storage. A keen interest in math
is absolutely relevant.>>You need to be able
to understand algebra, understand an equation,
be able to plot data and graph data that you acquire. That’s going to be useful in
almost any of these careers.>>If you’re doing any
welding and fabrication, you’ll use some geometry
on a pretty regular basis.>>In a skilled level
job, you’re going to have to do some conversions using
your mathematical skills that you’ve learned. So if you start heading
in the right direction to get the equivalent
of the right.>>If you want to
do game development, you need a math background. Say you’re creating a sports
game, you need to throw a ball, you need to know the physics and mathematics behind how a
ball bounces, how it reacts, air resistance, things
like that.>>You can’t have a conversation about designing a
software product without somewhere dipping
back into the basics and the fundamentals of math.>>Math is the basics for
pretty much everything we do in the IT environment. The same math maybe that I
learned when I was in college.>>Without those
foundational skills, you won’t even be
considered for a job with us.>>For people who
have math phobias, it’s one of those things where
you just have to keep at it.>>For more information on
anything you’ve seen today, explore our website
at Thanks for watching.