Mathematics at the University of Bristol

The school is one of the top five Mathematics departments in the country for research. If I had to explain Maths at Bristol
in three words, I would say challenging, enjoyable and just interesting. I would say it can be mind-boggling sometimes. It’s very broad and diverse and interesting
in the kinds of research that we do. You have people doing traditional
Mathematics, Number Theory but also newly emergent fields like
Quantum Information Theory and research that’s on the interface
with other disciplines like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and even
Philosophy. I chose Bristol because I came here on the
offer visit day and it just felt like home and I chose Maths because I just really
liked the element of problem-solving. I like to ask the question ‘why? ‘a lot and I knew the basis of Maths is constantly asking ‘why, why, why?’ The buzz you get from solving something
that you couldn’t do a couple of weeks ago is really immense. You can teach undergraduates stuff
which is right at the border between what we know and
what we don’t know. Some of the things we do is absolutely stuff
which no one in the world knows. The perspective that you get from learning the subject from someone who’s actively engaged in pursuing it and developing
and advancing it, is very different from your previous
experience at school. We’re really passionate about our Mathematics and then we’re really passionate about sharing that with our students and we want to get them addicted the way we are about getting into a problem and not giving up. It’s so beautiful when after you’ve worked
so hard, it finally comes together and it’s a really wonderful feeling. There’s problems classes and there’s feedback
classes, Maths Cafés. So there’s lots of different ways for you to be able to learn the material. One of the great things about Bristol is
you can do open units, just so you can have a bit of variation in your course. I know someone that studied an Economics module. There are people that did stuff to do with Biology. The Student Union offer such a wide range of societies. It doesn’t matter who you are, there will be
something you’re interested in that you can share with like-minded people. There’s a strong sense of community among
staff and among students as well that will really be cemented when we
move into our new quarters. We’re fantastically excited about being
in the Fry Building. It’s a historic building. It’s been completely
remodelled and renovated to be a fantastic state-of-the-art home for
Mathematics in Bristol. It’s incredibly light and airy, huge spaces,
seminar rooms, lecture theatres, quiet study space more like a library. There’s also collaborative slightly noisier spaces. It’s a world-class Mathematics department.