Mathematics at Penn State Behrend

The beautiful thing about majoring in
Math at Behrend, is our excellent faculty. They are great teachers, and they do a
wonderful job teaching the students. But beyond that, they also do exceptional
research, and they get their students involved in that research. I have a paper
currently under review by a mathematical journal that was sparked by a question
from a student in a complex analysis class. Then we were able to investigate
that question together further, and get some undergraduate research going, which will eventually be published. Our Behrend math graduates have increased analytical
thinking skills, as well as problem-solving skills. But beyond that,
they learn how to communicate technical information effectively, persuasively, and
precisely. Our Behrend Math degree is highly customizable with four options to
choose from: one in computer science, one in applied
math, one in pure math, and one in business math. We also offer an actuarial
science certificate. So what we do at Behrend is we spread a feast of
mathematical delicacies for our students just to get a taste of. You can only
touch on the beginnings of these areas that they’re looking into. And if they
want to go on to graduate school, there are plenty of opportunities for that. We
also have many opportunities for internships. Some of our graduates work
for the government in the Department of Defense or the National Security Agency.
Others work for financial institutions like the Bank of Mellon as analysts. Some
of our graduates are also writing textbooks that are used throughout the
country. We even have graduates that are working
in academia. Really there’s so many opportunities for the math majors at