Math in Daily Life : How to Define Discrete Mathematics

Discreet mathematics. It’s a broad topic.
How do you define it? Hi, I’m Jimmy Chang, and we’re here to talk about exactly how you
define discreet mathematics. It is a very broad topic, but it’s all about the definition.
Now, what discreet mathematics involves is taking sets of elements of things and breaking
them up into separate or discontinuous parts. Now, it involves, a lot of times, taking groups
or sets of things and that have a certain end to it. In other words, there’s a lot of
sets that won’t go on forever. Or a finite number of elements. The key word is a finite
because discreet mathematics also is called finite mathematics for that reason. Generally,
you’re working with a lot of things that are discontinuous that are broken apart into different
things. Now, when you’re solving the different problems, you may come across many kinds of
solutions, if there are solutions. Now, oftentimes, in discreet mathematics, because you might
have many solutions, you tend to want to go with the best one because some other solutions
might require you to do things in a lot longer time. Part of discreet mathematics involves
doing things in the optimum short amount of time, so there’s a lot of different things
involved, but you have to pick the best route. And finding the best solution is often involved
in discreet mathematics. So I’m Jimmy Chang, and I’ve given you a glimpse on how you define
discreet mathematics.