Master Life Sciences (MSc): Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (English version)

After my Bachelor’s degree, I opted for the Master’s programme to deepen my expert knowledge as well as to get better job prospects. The Master’s programme in ‘Pharmaceutical Biotechnology’ ranges from the molecular construction of active substances to in-vitro tests as well as the production and completion of drugs. In this way the whole value chain of modern pharmaceutical products is covered. This program successfully provides an excellent scientific basis for a career in pharmaceutics and biotechnology. I did my Bachelor’s degree in biotechnology at the ZHAW in Wädenswil. Afterwards, I continued with my Master in pharmaceutical biotechnology. What fascinates me most about biotechnology is the combination of technology and biological systems for the production of pharmaceutically relevant substances. I did my Master on a part-time basis so I had the opportunity to collaborate with international partners on a research project that spanned several years. I am very pleased that, due to the knowledge I acquired during my studies, I was able to get an exciting job at CSL Behring, a truly innovative employer. Currently, I am active in the field of system improvements. We are concerned with the optimization of QM-Processes that are very closely related to the areas of production, research and development. But thanks to what I learnt during my Master, I can also contribute to other areas of quality management. The Master’s thesis is a key element, as well as the theoretical basis, of the ZHAW Master’s programme in biotechnology. Students can work on issues independently while being part of a research team. Many projects take place in collaboration with international research and industrial partners. In my opinion, the Master’s thesis is a great opportunity to be committed to something and to raise one’s profile. We have collaborated on several research projects with the Institute of Biotechnology at the ZHAW in Wädenswil over a number of years. We appreciate the innovation and the dependability of our project partner. In the process of developing our project, we were also impressed by the high standards of education in the Master’s programme. At the Institute of Biotechnology at the ZHAW in in Wädenswil, we have conducted three KTI-projects and were able to integrate the research results into our products. At the moment, we employ two ZHAW graduates in the areas of automation technology and information technology. For me as an entrepreneur, it was crucial that their education standards were very high and interdisciplinary. The ZHAW ensures this. When we recruit new people for our team, we like to rely on graduates from the Master’s programme at the institute.