Master in Mathematics – Leiden University

I come from Mallorca, Spain. I’m now in Leiden University doing my masters in Mathematics,
as part of the ALGANT program. I like algebra and here in Leiden University it’s a really specialized program on algebra
and geometry and number theory. That is not typical in a master’s programme Mathematics. I always like to kind of ‘puzzle’ with numbers
so that’s actually why I chose to study Mathematics. I’m fascinated by looking at a subject from
a mathematical point of view and see the close link with reality. So that’s actually why I chose the
specialisation Applied Mathematics. This year we are with 14 people in the group. We have an office space and we work
together solving problems. We have a lot of fun working there and we
always have the chance to share ideas. Within the field of Applied Mathematics
it’s also important to have sort of a creative mind, because you always need to use your creativity
to create like a workable model. And I like to be creative in other ways as well,
such as doing calligraphy. Currently I’m writing my thesis and
I’m feeling really well guided. I meet my supervisor once a week and I can contact her
whenever I need to. So that helps a lot. We are really close to the professors,
the gap between the professor and the student is not that big as it
might be in other universities that actually helps a lot. So here in Leiden there are lots of
international students. There are lots of associations you can
join to get to know people from different places. So I’m really excited to go for a PhD programme
and I think that thanks to the ALGANT programme. Here in Leiden I have the necessary background
to have success in this.