Master Class on the Psychology of Sales

and if you can understand why the
psychology whereby you can predict when and this is Jessie who’s
accomplished writer and professor of writing as well into your own intro no
that was perfect for sales people who are marketers work
for brand builders I mean what are some just actionable tips that you can
provide to us and we can start doing today without spending a lot of money
yeah absolutely you need updates in daily updates of
something new this product that I have something news coming something new has
happened and that new thing doesn’t have to be a whole new hardware or software
program it’s just a small thing we’ve added a different color we brought one
person onto the team that is an expert in this so just showing that you care
enough to not be stagnant you’re not trying to be static because you know
that your customers aren’t static how do we incorporate the human touch so rather
making a video for your brand and just putting slogans and just putting like a
bunch of words and pictures and facts yeah that’s helpful but if you can even
just have one person saying those things that wouldn’t touch is really going to
up the human factor which is really gonna plan the psychology of making
sales plain to the ego what what do you mean by that playing there you go
playing to the ego is when you are trying to get a customer you should be
trying to play to their ego so somehow you’re making them feel like they’re
keeping a promise or they are helping the world if they’re donating the
charity so what they are buying is somehow also making them feel good as a
person so it’s not just the emotional connection to what they want personally
but it’s a greater emotional connect something outside of themselves that
makes them feel like they could say to another person well when I bought these
shoes they donated another pair of shoes to somebody else
ego has this connotation of being this like arrogant bad thing but the truth is
we all need a little affirmation from time to time that it’s not just about us
it’s about other people so when we buy something we like to feel that we are
helping someone else by doing that scarcity the scarcity principle as I’m
sure you know as a marker is the idea that the more limited edition or
exclusive something is the more people will feel compelled to buy it because
they think it’s a scarce resource yeah you’re aware of the tragedy of the
Commons I’ve read that before yeah the tragedy of the Commons is mostly an
economic term but it’s also sustainability term utilize everything
in life is the idea that let’s say we have two cows and we have three families
living in one community first family goes in and said oh I gotta think of my
family I can’t think of these others so they take one cow for themselves rather
than working together there was a fear of the scarcity of the resource and so
they took it for themselves and not thinking about how it would impact
others so that’s a tragedy of the Commons but scarcity principle plays
into that this fear that something is scarce so you grab it before it can go
away so if you can somehow make your product seem limited edition exclusive
or scarce there’s only one left of these hurry before it runs out the chances of
somebody yeah there’s a lot of integration on e-commerce experiences
where they show that limits problem-solving so you got to show that
you understand their pain point you don’t just say I understand your pain
you literally show this is exactly what’s wrong right –
step one step two step three I fully understand what’s the problem what
problem exactly are you trying to acknowledge and address lay that out
show them the food I know how frustrating it was when you couldn’t do
this on your phone it sucked when you didn’t have emoji show how frustrating
was for you and then show exactly how you fix that because again that’s gonna
make them feel like you understood me I can trust you so be a problem solver
sometimes companies will only point out the problem so Oh
this was missing and this was a problem by our product but they don’t say
exactly how their product will fix the problem so that’s usually the missing
connection good you talk about scarcity we talked about human touch
you talked about problem solving being honest I know there was a lot but
there’s so much behind what makes someone decide to buy and if you can
understand why the psychology why they buy you can predict when and if they’ll