Major In A Minute: Sociology

We study social structures, social inequalities, and social change, among other things. At Georgia State, we take students with a passion for social justice and give them the skills to make a difference. Our majors learn to gather and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data, and to think critically about that data within a framework of diversity and social inclusion. Since we teach and learn in the global city of Atlanta, our program has a special focus on urban development in America and around the world. Our students not only study in the city, they shape it, through their own research and through internships at organizations including the City of Atlanta, the department of Juvenile
Justice, the International Rescue
Committee, and the NAACP. Our majors do deep dives into specific issues through the field school programs, which have covered topics like refugee and immigrant health; the LGBTQ community; and homelessness. Even outside the classroom, our Sociology Club works on community projects in addition to networking with professionals. Sociology graduates go on to a variety of careers. Roughly a quarter of sociology alumni go on to work in social services or to do social research, while others work in fields ranging from education to information technology. Regardless of their field, sociology graduates share a common interest in working with people to improve society, whether in our own backyard of Atlanta or in communities around the world. So if you’re interested in how societies work, and in how to make them better, consider majoring in Sociology. Get learning and get involved!