Living in Iceland: Zumba Festival + Botanical Gardens (week 16) | Sonia Nicolson

don’t know if you can see that but it is eight degrees and there’s actually quite a sunny day you know to fake snow over there but not bad hi guys so today I am off to the gym and I’m going to ease in ba festival and I love my Zumba I’m properly addicted to it and I used to go in India so fantastic Sandman structor and had a whole lot of meats and we’d go for lunch afterwards and stuff i think it is like two or three times a week and but it’s just just a big party to me and so hopefully today is gonna be really fun and amazing my camera and see if and get some shots it’s not gonna be that attractive so I’m sure but it could be quite fun as L so I’m just walking past a really cool park here wonder if I can just sneak in and show you so there’s like little cars there’s traffic lights little cars and stuff you can see you on just in the background there how cute is that we’re not quite sure what it’s all about you like road safety or something but yeah this is a really nice park I should wander around it more by tend to go to the other part which is a bit closer to us and there’s some crazy fun fair stuff going on and there’s also set like a little animal hey farm as well okay so maybe you got a bit overexcited about a degree but yours are frozen so I survived and I think I’m gonna feel that tomorrow so I got myself a John the do what was it hell of a nerve i think it’s cold it’s them Apple bananas probably I think but you know the Icelandic translation is not that good and but yeah a little bit of a pick-me-up after that it was about two hours I’ve lost count of how many dances we did him hopefully captured some of it but it was really fun so come into the main park just mainly because it was really busy out there and I just become the strange girl talking to her camera but before I forget what we did in the class and we did five new dances which really cool and to kind of get to preview them and then we had a raffle most of the prizes were like vitamin supplements and you know protein bars and stuff and and of course i won like pizza for two people which is hilarious really and you go to the gym when you come back with free pizza so there we go I’ve just come into this park now and it’s really pretty so I’m going to have a wander around and enjoying my juice and just chill out so I’m thinking this is kinda sunglasses weather so if this is summer maybe I can handle it