Living Anatomy, Living Yoga

[Kelsey] This course was really interesting to me
because it incorporates the mind so much [Emma] I’ve had a lot of friends take this
course and say that it really helps them deal with stress. [Missy] Students come out of this class feeling like it’s really changed their lives, not just as dancers,
but as people. [Debra] Living Anatomy, Living Yoga encompasses a lot. From the
stillness from this awareness, expanding awareness, into learning structures of
the body through coloring the anatomy coloring book and then applying it to
yoga poses. [Emma] The coloring books I really like because it’s kind of a meditative
process coloring them. It just sort of helps connect everything together [Debra] Many of these students have other jobs, their time is very tight. The motto of the
school of course, ‘Meliora’ is ever better. They really are in that mode
of wanting to better themselves and improve themselves [Emma] The course has really helped me to sort of, when I get really stressed, just sort of take a step back
and recognize that it’s okay to be stressed. That it’s OK there’s uncertainty. [MIssy] I love the way Debra teaches. It gives you a way to understand the body that’s
different from taking an anatomy or kinesiology course in the
biology department, for example. [Emma] We get the anatomy experience and we get the more scientific anatomical stuff, but we can learn about our own
body in a way that’s beneficial to us, while we still get the yoga poses. [Kelsey] Just her presence is very calming and she’s really there to help and support you
work on yourself, rather than something
internal, rather than something external. [Missy] We have a lot of students who will go into medical school or work with other people, and this kind of experience, it
teaches them to ask questions about others experiences, as well. So if people are going to work in the health professions or in the medical profession This is the kind of course that would
really give them a different and new perspective that I think could make a
difference in the lives of the people they’re working with.