Life Below the Ocean Surface | StarTalk

So you know that’s a fish. Oh, that’s cool. He’s cute, or she. You can’t even tell. But what is that fish thinking? Is it like– is it nostalgia? Is it rage? Maybe I’m just projecting. But you can’t really
tell what it’s thinking. It’s a mystery. It’s an enigma. But watch this. Eyebrows. Now, you see it. Now, this fish has
an emotional life. You can really empathize with. So you want fish
to have eyebrows. That’s the secret. Yes. So is that so hard? Is it so wrong? Can you do that please? I’ll work on it. Thank you. That’ll be your next
big genetic project. It’s just for their advantage. I mean, look at that. Well, Sylvia Earle loves every
fish in the sea, no matter what, with or without eyebrows. And I asked her about
her love of the ocean. Just tell me, speak the love. And let’s see what she says. When I think of people who
love the ocean, many of them just like sailing the ocean. Yeah, or surfing. Surfing, right. So the ocean to
them is a surface. I know. And to you, it’s a
three dimensional– The ocean Is the wet part. The wet part. Really? It’s not the top. What is the top? It is the bottom. Boat people, the
ocean is a surface. Right? No, it’s the juicy
part in the middle. It’s this part. And it’s alive. That’s the thing. If people think of the ocean,
they think rocks and water and, you know, a place to
sail or swim or to dump things or to take things
out of the ocean. But no. The ocean is a living system. So Laurie, first, remind us
what it means for the ocean to be a living system. Because to most people,
it’s just water. And it contains living things. But to think of it as a
living system, take us there. So in the same way that a
forest with birds and trees and bugs that are all
interacting is a living system, the ocean’s the same way. It’s not only full of life,
but it’s all interacting together in in
connected way that kind of keeps it all functioning. Isn’t it just big
fish eat little fish? That’s part of it. But there’s a whole
complex food web there that most
people just don’t see and take into consideration.