#LEC Summer Playoffs – Opening Tease

After we won I just exploded with all the emotions
that were in my body. And I just couldn’t stop crying. I was criticized so much and I was so glad that I showed up
big time in the most important game of the split so far. I always say that the biggest driving motor is the fear. Maybe I didn’t work enough, but it’s on me,
because I create the space to become a better player. I’m visualizing Worlds, it’s in Europe,
ever since it’s been announced. And the finals in Paris is driving me nuts
and that pushes me forward. What’s unique about Europe right now is
that All, even the bottom teams, have players that you have to respect
for their individual talent at least. I was in the finals last summer,
I was close to winning the whole thing so I’m really not content with just making it to playoffs. We made a rise fo the top again, and I think we’re
a contender for pretty much everything. Towards the end now I feel like
we have finally found ourselves. We’re not scared to make moves and plays. Even if they don’t work out we don’t give up and
I think that’s our strength. Everyone is going to give it their all,
everyone wants to make Athens. We’re just going to play like we have nothing to lose. I feel like the skill ceiling of this team is
much higher than it was as the previous year. We are willing to play even more agressive than we did last year. And that’s the big improvement. My goal for this split is to make it to Worlds. Just making playoffs doesn’t really make me satisfied. We are definitely not going to take this for granted
and we are still in it. Winning is my expectation. I got second place at Worlds last year,
that wasn’t enough for me so I decided to join G2 because I wanted to take it one step further. The expectations can never cloud my judgment. Now that it’s playoffs and every game matters
so much more, we are going to really step it up. This is where champions are created. We know that we can’t get complacent because Then it’s very easy to lose. I really just want to win Worlds honestly at this point so that I can say in a couple of years that I started
playing the game because I wanted to be the best at it. I played the game for eight years, I became the best at it,
and then I left a strong and solid legacy behind. That’s honestly why I started playing the game,
it wasn’t because of money,it wasn’t because of fame, it was just I wanted to be the best at League of Legends And I feel like I haven’t really reached that yet.