LEAF TRANSPIRATION Experiment (what is transpiration?/ transpiration in plants for kids)

Welcome back to kids fun science. My name is Ken today’s experiment is leaf Transpiration as always the note supervision is required What you need for this experiment is some leaves ziploc bag bread ties or a string? So to set up this experiment. You need a ziplock bag I’m using some bread ties you can also use some string then you’re just gonna find a plant with some leaves that are gonna be indirectly in sunlight for Two to three hours so grab a whole bunch of those that fit in the bag And put them in and then wrap your bags around it So there’s no air coming in and then seal it off With the bread tie or the string did you know plants transpire? it’s kind of like people perspiring but not quite a simple analogy to help explain the act of Transpiration is that plant transpiring is like a human sweating human sweat by exerting water through pores to cool down Similarity a plant that goes through the transpiration to help carry the nutrients through the plant and maintain its structure. So what really is Transpiration well transpiration is the process by which the moisture is carried through the plants roots then the cat apply reaction goes through the stem Into the small pores of underside of the leaves where it changes the vapor and is released to the atmosphere which we can’t see So we can see that’s the experiments set up and ready to go The bag is on it’s facing down So the water will drip down to the corner down here, and it’s securely tied off with a bread bread ties And so we’re all ready to go and it’s in a nice sunny area so we’ll let it sit And we’ll check back on it shortly So here it is about 15 minutes in maybe about 20 and a little bit of water is already starting to evaporate It’s really amazing because you wouldn’t have saw any of this in your backyard of and maybe the vapors going up as it evaporates But by trapping it. We’re able to really see this so it’s really cool Transpiration is essentially evaporation of water from plant leaves This happens faster and humidity is low such as on a hot day a windy day Or like today when it’s about a hundred degrees So we’re in perfect condition this causes the water Evaporate quickly and a plant needs suck up more water from the ground all the way up to the bag Studies have revealed about 10% of the moisture found in the atmospheres released from Plants through transpiration the remaining 90% is supplied by Evaporation from Ocean Seas and other bodies of waters like lakes and Rivers and streams well they have find amazing about this experiments How much water is on the leaves and in the bag? Plant transpiration is a pretty much invisible process And that’s what makes it so cool since since the water is evaporating from the leaf surfaces You just don’t go out and see these leaves sweating Just because you can’t see the water doesn’t mean that it’s not being put into the air though during this growing Growing season and Leaf can transpire many times more water than its own weight an acre of corn can give off about 3 to 4,000 gallons or Equivalent to 11 to 15,000 liters of water each day and the large Oak Tree can transpire 40,000 gallons or 150 1000 litres per year which is just truly amazing So there’s our water where you go inside measure it this can be used To be drank as a clean water source so as long as it’s not a toxic plant You’re able to drink this and is a way to survive out in the wilderness when you have no other water as long as you Have a bag or a tent that you can collect it in so here. We are We have just under 1/4 of a cup which is pretty amazing Look in the description for a little bit more information. I hope you enjoyed this video remember to click thumbs up and to subscribe And let me know if you try this experiment and how much water you’re able to Transpire alright, thanks for watching