Landing Page Optimization Course – Landing Page Anatomy [Peep Laja]

Hey! It is Peep from ConvesionXL. Let’s talk about landing page anatomy. It all starts with a goal. One thing we want people to do on our page. Next thing. We should not have anything on our page that does not contribute to people taking the one action. So, if it’s not motivation, it’s friction. So everything on this page should be here to get people this one action, that we want them to take. Most important part of the landing page is your offer. What is it that you offer to people? Why should they opt-in to email list or whatever the action is? Your offer might consist of headline, inter period or maybe some benefit oriented bullets. There’s no one rule about it. You can mix some match and see what’s best. But it needs to be benefit driven. Needs to talk to the user and it needs to answer these questions: Who is it for? What is the offer in very specific terms? Why should I care about it? What are the benefits of this offer? Next. You might benefit from having an image or video on your landing page. Something that further helps communicate your product, your offer. It’s not a must but it is typical attempts to help. Bigger images are sometimes better when you sell product like jeans or leather bags or something that people wan’t to see. If it’s virtual offer or if you send experience it might not be as important. If you’re selling travel service it’s of course hugely important. So it’s very contextual, right? And finally the form. The action. We want people to take action. When optimising our page, we have to keep in mind that we need to do three things here: A – we need to increase ability. Make it really easy to take action. So, not so many form fields – maybe two maybe one.The more fields you have the less people will take action. Two – increase motivation. That’s about your offer really. Also your image might help. And proof. Engageable proof like testimonials or some studies to back up your claims. And also some social proof like, you have 50 000 happy customers. Already million people are using a product. Whatever. You should fit everything above the fall as much as you can, but it doesn’t mean your landing page can’t be some longer as well. But make sure that everything below here is nonessential. It’s helpful information, but I’m perfectly capable upon understanding what your offer is even if I just stood above. If you do that make sure that you actually add another form on the bottom of the page, that people would’t have to scroll up. Exact location of these elements – you know, there is no simple rule of the universe that you do this or that. There is the Gutenberg diagram idea, that people start reading from the top left corner and than attention goes down. So you might want to use this layer as a starting point but that’s not that you can’t have your headline here and your form here. So many different possibilities. And also think about visual hierarchy. Rank different elements of your page. What’s most important? Is it your offer? Whats next important? And so on. Do not have any elements on your page that are of equal importance. Nothing is equally important. If you are selling food, you need to get hunger first. Show me the picture first. If you can’t show it really. Communicate it in words. And of course make sure I’ve seen it is after I’d seen your picture or or your offer. I see the form or call to action and I dive right in.