Lalbagh Botanical Garden || Bangalore Visits Ep.2

Hello everyone. So today we’re in Lalbagh botanical garden. It’s one of the two major parcs in Bangalore
and it’s a realy nice place to come rest and walk around. So the hill behind me, it’s a big rock and
apparently it’s one of the oldest rocks in the world It’s 3 billion years old and yeah you can
come see it it’s interesting. So from the top of the rock you can have a
small view of the city. You see UB city behind and that’s about it. There’s a small temple on the top and a lot
of people exercising. This parc is pretty nice to walk around or
just to relax. OK today there’s a lot of people but usually
it’s pretty calm. And all these massive trees are really impressive. In the parc there are trees from everywhere
around the world. The good thing is that they label them so
you get to know at least what you’re looking at I was talking about the size of the trees. Well this is one of my favorite ones and I
guess one of the biggest ones in the parc. Just look at this one. It’s around 200 years old. Thanks to the two lakes that are there in
the parc you’ll find a lot of water birds which is pretty nice to take pictures. You’ll also find other types of birds of course,
but also monkeys, squirrels everywhere and a lot of dogs. I have to admit that most of the parc is maintained
really well but there are a few places like this memorial hall which need some work. I’m not sure I would have put this as one
of the main attractions of the parc.