LabCorp – Lab

♪ Is that too bad? Okay, good. We got your results today and everything looks fine. Wonderful. Thank you Doctor. LabCorp is a medical testing company that every day performs about 1 million tests on patients for doctors. We service over 200 thousand physicians. We are a company today of over 24,000 people. We are one of the largest routine testing labs in the United States. We’re the largest esoteric testing lab. We are the second largest lab in Canada. Put a little pressure right there for me. Okay. We pick up specimens. We bring those specimens back to a location. Thousands of people at LabCorp are processing those samples on either large machines or they are doing it manually. The next morning all those results that we processed the night before – almost 1 million tests are back in the doctors’ offices. That information is going to help a doctor decide on the diagnosis of a patient. What could be more important than that? LabCorp is the leader in cancer testing in the United States. We’ve developed all kinds of innovative programs related to identifying cancers at an early stage. And predicting genetic diseases through sophisticated gene techniques that we have. It’s brand new stuff that nobody has ever used before and you are learning stuff that nobody else knows so they need me here every day and it feels really good to be needed every day. You really have to be motivated to put yourself in the patient’s shoes. They need you to be 100 percent every time you look at that scope. It has to be accurate it can’t be close it has to accurate. It could be my child maybe it could be your child. Think about the fact that’s a human life and there is some body on the other side of that tube or on the other side of that specimen that’s anxiously waiting for that result. So we have to be very compassionate. What makes LabCorp different is the quality of the people that come to work in this company every day. From the top down we continually communicate the importance of what we do. It’s obvious when you look at LabCorp the amount of time that’s spent in training, the amount of time they spend assuring that you know exactly what to look for, what you are doing. It’s teamwork throughout its like lot’s of individual efforts come together to produce the result. If you want to excel here at LabCorp the advantages are there. The different training that are offered. If you are interested in going back to school LabCorp reimburses you for your courses. If you want to go further, if you want to be something I think it’s totally dependent on you. People encourage you to go into the higher level positions. LabCorp does a lot of investing in its employees so they will stay or they will feel like they are needed and wanted. It’s a good place to work; I’m definitely making a difference. A lot of my classmates probably can’t say that. They appreciate and recognize my role they encourage me every day to go further and further. If you look at what it boils down to I think the company cares about people. If a scientist can find the gene to discover if somebody is going to have Alzheimer’s or the genes that’s the cause of breast cancer, the first place that gene is going to arrive is in a lab like LabCorp. What a place to come and work if you are in the medical community and what a place to come and learn.