Korean researchers to apply optical fiber laser technology to decommissioning nuclear power plants

now just like the light beam swords or
lightsabers we see in science fiction movies researchers here in South Korea
have found a way to cut through thick metals using lasers however unlike the
movies the technology will be put to rather more mundane use shall we say
helping in the dismantlement of nuclear power plants park se-young with more it’s been eight years since the
Fukushima disaster in Japan yet most facilities there have been left
unattended due to the remaining radiation is difficult to dismantle the
plant but now Korean researchers have developed fiber-optic laser technology
to come materials at nuclear power facilities the laser technology is
advantageous for motor control and can reduce decommissioning waste disposal
costs of secondary waste dismantling nuclear power plants requires cutting
down large facilities removing radioactive contamination and restoring
the plants to their original environment however internal parts of the reactor
are made of thick metal like stainless steel and carbon steel which are
difficult to cut and generate lots of secondary waste the new technology can
cut up to one hundred millimeter thick metal underwater and is four times more
efficient compared to existing technology our technology is superior to
the global technology standards we can apply it to the dismantlement of
domestic nuclear power plants and compete in the global market the study
was published in six international journals in the field of lasers Axio
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