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Hello ladies and gentlemen, hi everyone. I am Fanis Khabibullin. I’m now in Poland,
I came by invitation to see it all with my own eyes, to touch it all with my own
hands and to show you everything personally , because no one has ever done this. And now I am on a very large plantation of
technical hemp in Europe, mind you: not narcotic, but technical
– it is a big difference. Because in technical hemp there are no substances
that are controlled by many governments of the world. Therefore, do not be afraid. If you think that my proposal today is related
to drugs and I will offer you weed – no no no and once again no, do not wait
for it. I don’t smoke weed, and it’s not interesting
for me , but I must tell you about the benefits of
the technical hemp. So, let’s go. I will try to convey to you what a person
feels in such a stunning unusual place, and I will also try to convey all the information
I possess and all my emotions, and of course the smell, if possible. When I started studying hemp, I made a lot
of important discoveries for myself that just blew my mind. For example, when I found out that the Soviet
Union was the largest exporter of hemp in the world
, I was surprised. I also learned that hemp played a crucial
role in the country’s budget as an agricultural crop. But the fact that surprised me even more is
that over 25 thousand items of products and goods can
be made of hemp, can you imagine that? In Russia, the process of the revival of hemp
culture has already begun. More than eight thousand hectares of land
are seeded and every year the volumes increase significantly. All well-known rating agencies, major analytical
centers of the world are already ringing the bells,
they are sounding the alarm and predicting a huge demand for cannabidiol (CBD) and demand
for hemp products, because it is infinitely useful. People who gathered here with me today are
those who recently brought to their countries the fastest growing business.,
This is really a trend for the next decade. Today, I am the only and first person who
brought this business to the Russian-speaking market,
specifically to give the business an opportunity, to show people that you can make money out
of it. I always look for the best opportunities in
the world where you can make big money. The main thing is that it is all legal. I am always attracted by the hottest topics
that no one knows about yet and before starting a business,
in one or another niche, I carefully study, collect materials, analyze,
compare and only after that I plunge into business. It took me six months to figure everything
out, to study all the information that relates to hemp and its benefits. After a thorough analysis of the consumer
market, I made a conscious decision to promote a cannabis
product with a high content of cannabidiol. Look up on the Internet yourself what it is
and why our body needs it. Information in Russian is already abound. Today I’m ready to tell millions of people
about the benefits of hemp, so that people can improve the quality of their lives,
improve their health, and, if they want, to make money out of it
together with us. One of my teachers in network business, network
marketing once told me: Fanis, if you want to make money, you can
join any MLM company, you can start at any time. But if you want to get really, really rich
and make a fortune on this, you need to join at the very
beginning. We have all the documents ready; we have all
the certificates for all the products made of cannabidiol. Everything is legal with us, and I invite
you to join this amazing business. This was Fanis Khabibullin from Poland. Bye everyone!