JOBS FOR NURSES beyond the bedside

what’s up guys I’m nurse Blake and
welcome to my channel in this video I’m gonna share with you the different
nursing opportunities beyond the bedside so there are so many different jobs out
there for nurses and a lot of times when we think about nursing and nursing jobs
we think about Hospital jobs at the bedside these are typically three
12-hour shifts but if bedside nursing is not for you
and that’s okay there are plenty of other options now there’s so many great
opportunities that I’m not going to be able to cover every single one of them
so if there’s something I didn’t mention make sure you drop that in the comments
below and let us know what that job is so other people can learn about it
number one case management these are nurses who act as social workers so they
do participate in the patient experience from a mission to discharge and really
they’re connecting the patient with outside resources they’re communicating
with the healthcare team on the discharge plan and they’re really the
facilitator this is mostly a job in the hospital but you can also find this job
in the community-based setting as well so clinical case manager is such a great
experience because you still get to work with patients and be a part of the
health care team next we have a research nurses this is such a cool job I know
many of my friends have been research nurses and they love it so they help the
physician and patients work together on clinical trials so they’re asking
patients questionnaires they’re researching different medications and
procedures and reporting on it so if you’re interested in research and if you
are one of those kids in nursing school you love the research component research
nurse may be a good fit for you so check it out school nurses I love school
nurses you guys have such an interesting job the job of a school nurse is
definitely a busy one you never know what’s gonna walk into your clinic and
you take care of belly aches to some serious things
like allergic reactions or kids that have seizures and if you’re the only
nurse you really have so much autonomy you don’t have physicians like in the
hospital around your floor that you can ask questions there are protocols and
procedures that you follow but a lot of things that you do are based on your
nursing experience and your critical thinking skills what’s great about
school nursing is you have off during the summer during the winter and all the
major holidays so that’s a really big plus and you don’t have to work the
weekends like the bedside nurses do correctional nurses this is in the jail
or prison setting and these nurses they work with patients who are in the
criminal justice system so their job can be extremely extremely difficult and
extremely challenging but what’s most important is as a nurse we care for
anybody no matter what their background is because we want everyone to have
optimal health if that’s something that interests you go for it check it out
research find out more then we have risk management and you could find this
physician in the hospital and outside the hospital and what these nurses do is
they look at different risks in the hospital like for example Falls so they
attract all the Falls in the hospital and then they work to try to prevent
them because we know if a patient Falls it costs the hospital a lot of money not
only that it causes a lot of physical and emotional strain on the patient and
can lengthen their length of stay or they could even have a worse healthcare
outcome than expected because a fall can really set patients back so what risk
management does is they look at all the Falls in the hospital and they implement
strategies they talk with the healthcare team to really try to prevent these
Falls from happening because essentially we want zero Falls in the hospital and
they work really hard to get to that goal home health this is where you see
patients in their home setting so you don’t see patients in the hospital you
actually get to see patients in their home and what’s really unique
about this job is you really make your own hours now this isn’t a job for me
because between patients you know I would always stop at Starbucks and get a
coffee if I saw the target I’d have to pull in and shop a little bit but that’s
a benefit about this job I just I would just always be shocked and I’d always be
out but if this is something that interests you it’s a really cool job and
there’s just something unique about being able to meet the patient in their
home and caring for them in their home a place where they feel safe and
comfortable leadership this can be in the hospital or outside the hospital
everyone needs a manager or a leader to help lead them in the organization so if
you’re interested in the leadership role whether that the assistant manager
manager director or it–see and know of a hospital there are opportunities out
there now I know the job can be really super stressful but if leadership is
something you’re passionate about go for it there’s plenty of opportunity there
for you next education you are a nursing school right so you had instructors to
teach you we need more instructors because the demand for nurses is really
high which means we need a lot of people in nursing school so they become nurses
and we need great educators someone who is able to share their talent skills and
experience with nursing students to make them great nurses after school so if
education is something you’re passionate about look into it because again we need
more awesome educators you could even be an HR recruiter a lot of companies and a
lot of hospital systems they look for nurses to be recruiters because from
their experience they know what nurses to recruit and what they’re looking for
for the hospital typically they’ve been at the hospital a long time they know
the culture they know the acuity of the floors and with HR you get the
opportunity to interact with new recruits you also get the opportunity
and to interact with managers you really find that perfect match it’s kind of
like being a matchmaker I guess which can’t be a lot of fun next is forensic
nursing this is something that’s really brand new but you may have heard it
before like a same nurse what they do is they really focus
on sexual assault physical assault and accidental deaths so typically we’re
there working for a medical examiner’s office they get extensive knowledge on
charting how to chart injuries how to speak with patients that come from abuse
and it’s just a really unique in much needed career so if this is something
you’re interested in look into it it’s called forensic nursing and it is a new
sector in nursing that is needed so if you’re interested in that go for it
check it out and then next we have informatics how would you say it infom
additions informatica tician implemented i don’t know but what they do is they
really bring their nursing experience science and technology and one and they
make it easier to process information because whenever a patient requests
medical records you want it to be able to be accessible safe and easy to read
so these are what the people and nursing and informatics do they really try their
best to make electronic medical records easy safe to protect patients from HIPPA
and accessible for everybody organization patient and staff so these
are just a brief overview of the different jobs in nursing that are
outside of the bedside there’s so many cool opportunities out there so if
you’re ever interested in one of these go for it and I hope I shed light on
some new careers that you’ve never heard of before there are so many of them out
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