Jeb Bush is wrong about psychology | #ThisPsychMajor

Here’s what Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush
said today about psychology majors: “Universities ought to have skin in the
game…When a student shows up, they ought to say ‘Hey, that psych major deal…that’s
great, it’s important to have liberal arts…but realize, you’re going to be working a Chick-fil-A. Jeb Bush is saying a psych majors’ biggest
contribution to the country is working in a fast food joint. This pisses me off! Psychology isn’t a liberal arts — it’s
a science dedicated to understanding human thought and behavior. You know where I worked when I was an undergrad
psychology major? NASA! I helped run a cognitive psychology lab that designed better cockpit
systems. Their research made it safer for astronauts and even the military to do their
job. Who’s one of the biggest employers of psychologists?
VA Hospitals. Psychologists created effective treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder,
suicidality, and addictions. Psychology saves lives. This is what psych majors do every day all
around the world — use science to help humanity move forward. Want to stop ISIS and the spread of terrorism?
Apply the psychology of group polarization. Interested in making homeland security 20
times safer? Hire a psychologist to implement the Controlled Cognitive Engagement method
at airports. Want to stop gun violence? Psychology will
help you build better surveillance systems to identify people at risk for mass shootings. Dissatisfied with the gridlock in Washington?
Understand cognitive dissonance before you try to reform Washington. I agree we’ve got a problem in higher education.
Academia does a poor job of informed consent – colleges have to make sure students know
how much education they need to get the career they want. Not every psychology major gets
informed consent. But this happens in other fields too. Just look at law. To get a job in psychology you’re going
to need more than an undergraduate degree. But those with a bachelors in psychology often
work in education, research, marketing, public health, business, government, and yes politics. Some of us get jobs at Comedy Central (jon
stewart), make movies (Natalie Portman), or become the governor of Ohio (Ted Strickland). Bottom line: so many psych majors are out
there doing awesome things, like saving lives. This psych major helps young people overcome
suicide at one of NYC’s largest medical centers. Let’s show Jeb Bush how important psychology
is. Did you major in psych? Write down the awesome things you’re doing with your degree,
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